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From Classical to Awesome

Classical music in the modern world in the awesomest Prezi that Friends School has ever seen(also the first one it has seen too).

Noah Hirschbein

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of From Classical to Awesome

From Classical
To Awesome !!!!!!
Started Composing at The age of 4
Johann Christoph Bach
Franz Joseph Haydn
Giovanni Battista Martini
Born in Salzburg, Austria
The Marriage of Figaro
Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band
A fifth of Beethoven
Don Giovanni
Coronation mass
The Magic Flute
Mass in C Minor
Cause of death still unknown
Piano Sonata No. 16 K545
Died Before finishing the "Requiem"
Rock me Amadeus
Born in Bonn, Germany
• Mozart
• Franz Joseph Haydn
Antonio Salieri
Began to lose hearing in 1796
Funeral attended by 20,000 people
•He had to have people write down what their questions in a conversation and he would answer them orally
Moonlight Sonata
• Mass in C major
• Missa Solemnis
Third Symphony
Fifth Symphony
By Noah Hirschbein
The End
played every instrument himself! (almost)
is classical music extinct?
Released in 1986
Why not?
It's attractive
It's "catchy"
It's familiar
It can put you in a good mood
It draws out your feelings
It's all around us
Classical music is all around us!
Contemporary Music
Let's start with
the classics...

Now comes another "Bill and Ted" musical movie clip moment
There was once an awesome Austrian who wrote a classic...
and its not Mozart
(but it is about him)
This song, a "funky version of Beethoven's Fifth symphony, was used in the 1977 disco film "Saturday Night Fever"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
founded in 1993
combine classical, orchestra, progressive, rock, and heavy metal!!!
here is their version of beethoven's 5th symphony...
Ride of the Valkyries
Richard Wagner
now listen for it in this nissan commercial...
(this most excellent movie was the inspiration for this project! It's about 2 students who travel through time to do their history project. along the way they meet a famous musician...)
what happens when Beethoven gets to play an electric synthesizer???
Falco became the first german-speaking artist with a #1 hit in the U.S.
original music video
Falco, "Rock me Amadeus"
American remix, "Rock me Amadeus"
inspired by the movie: "Amadeus"
now, back to

Walter Murphy
"A fifth of Beethoven
then turn them upside down!!!
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