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Marketing Manager Application Example

No description

C Line

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Manager Application Example

Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to view my 'p'resume'
In this short prezi I will give you 10 good reasons why I'm a great fit for your marketing team
and the role of Marketing Manager
You're looking for someone who:
Is positive, flexible and has a good 'get it done!' attitude. A friendly outgoing self starter.
With no shortage of positivity, I have been known in my previous working life to go above and beyond the call of duty for donors, clients, coworkers and the organization I work for. Late nights, early mornings, travel into the wilderness and beyond, I've done it all and would do it again in a heart beat smiling the whole way.
You're looking for someone with a minimum X years of marketing experience.
I have been working in a variety of marketing roles for over five years, giving me a wide range of experiences I could apply to your campaigns
Here are some of the amazing programs and campaigns I've developed
Focus on closest to the dollar activities and a good sense of urgency
You need someone with the ability to work with limited direction
Belief in the value of your organization and the products and services it provides
The ability to identify opportunities to improve our sales strategies and tactics
Excellent attention to detail
You're looking for someone who is proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database management and online research.

When it comes to new software, I have a very steep learning curve
You're looking for someone who can:

Provide insight in the creation of new strategies, make strategic recommendations and support in developing retention strategies.
When it comes to supporting the team in preparing budgets, quarterly forecasts and business reports
starting with
you can see more where this came from on my resume attached to my application.
Title 1

Wrote marketing strategy for approaching local restaurants and media to engage in the program.
Developed 'restaurant awards' to encourage repeat participation.
Managed media for the duration of the campaign.
Developed promotional materials, and secured locations for fundraising and promotional events.
Managed canvassing and telemarketing campaigns increasing monthly donor base by eighty percent over thirteen months.
Created marketing materials for donor loyalty programs, welcome kit, newsletters and postcards.
Lead on design of marketing and donor cultivation five year plan.
I have lead a number of programs focused on constituent renewal and acquisition making me well equipped to review past campaign performance and help to strategically develop new campaigns which will grow your organization's brand.
I'm a believer in the 'office philosophy' no budget is complete without some pivot tables.
I have advance skills in Microsoft office programs, Google analytics, and Adobe programs such as Photoshop.
I am also proficient in the use of a number of different database platforms such as Raiser's Edge, Convio and Cornerstone.
I'm a stickler for the details.
I make sure every project
I lead, or take part in, is prepared to succeed.
From the budget being calculated down to the cent, to ensuring the
and are on brand and, of course, ensuring that the message is communicated clearly to all stakeholders.
I have three years experience managing and aiding in the development of large budgets in not for profits and sales driven environments.
Thank you again for taking the time to review my p'resume.
I hope I have been able to communicate to you, not only why I am qualified for a role in your team,
But also that I am a friendly, outgoing, hard working and enthusiastic individual who would be thrilled to support your organization.
Thank you

Developed and launched a participant reactivation campaign through telemarketing, email and print.
Coordinated the logistics of a 2.1 million dollar fundraising event for over 5000 registered participants, including permits, entertainment and equipment.
Mentored other event coordinators in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.
lucky number
Reason #
I am accustomed to working in small teams and with limited supervision. While I love a team environment I am also very efficient and effective at individually completing tasks and overseeing projects.
I have experience working with tight budgets and strong focus on earning unrestricted funds for an organization.

Often complimented for my ability to think strategically on the fly, I have experience launching successful high impact campaigns on short notice in response to an emergency situation.
I am inspired by the work you do and the mission of bringing socially conscious, environmentally friendly products, and life changing experiences to people around the world.
I live my life by the same philosophies. I work to ensure the goods I consume are from ethically and environmentally friendly companies, advocating for equal rights of all people, and promoting positive impacts in our world any way I can.
I took some great photos too!
making the transition into a role quick and efficient.
I am very analytical and creative. I'm always brainstorming new ideas for campaigns through multiple channels and media.
If hired I would like work with the Director of Marketing and the Communications team to focus on improving the second purchase strategy and engaging consumers more through social media.
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