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For Englishlesson

Alexandra Bambach

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Koala

The Koala

What is it? Koalas live in the tress of Australia.
They are eating eucalyptus and the tree bark of eucalyptus.
The koala is a nighttime animal.
He sleeps around 20 hours a day.
There enemies are dingos and pythons. Koalas (live)style Topics:
The Koala could be 61-85 cm tall and there weight is between 4 and 14 kg.
They have a brown and silver fur and have sharp and cross hands to climb trees.

They're nose is big and black, as their ears, its smell and hear are very important for them.
The have a big head but as small brain.

The female koala hase a bag on her belly.
The males are 50 % bigger than the females.

The nose from the males are different as the nose of the females. There look The hazart Koala by
and Laura in this video now you can see the koala in his nature. Sources:
www.wordpress.com Koala and Aborigines The Aborigines hunted the koalas because of they’re meat and fur.

They tould legends about the koalas and their physical characteristics.

It was an often used symbol and everyone who has the Koalas as a symbol was not allowed to kill one of them.

The Aborigines called the koalas: 'don't drink'. Lifestyle of Koalas
There look and life
Koalas and Aborigines
Species In the old times koalas were hunted, so they're in hazart today.

Koalas and kangaroos were send to island. In case of that, they eat all the eucalyptus. So you were allowed to kill them.

The ending of the naturell resources for the koalas were getting verry small.
The UNI said that the koala would be 2080 not anymore at this planet, because they all got hit by the people.

Now it is the time in that we have verry few koalas and we are short in front of sort ending, and nobody is allowed to kill them. Those painted them like this Species An albino koala baby A "normal" koala baby Outher albino animals: The tiger The snake The hegdehog The lion LET'S GO! The

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