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Hip Hop Presentation

No description

Geerdana J

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Hip Hop Presentation

By: Abeer, Geerdana Jey, Jasmine, Daniel, and Carlos
Video of Our Dance
Breaking, Popping and Locking are the three main forms of hip hop.
The Different Types
First, we are going to teach you the moves of our dance.
Game Time
We will be playing a game of freeze dance. Try your best because there will be prizes.
16 times
6 times, 2 on each side
3 times
2 times
1 time
4 times
2 times
4 times
2 times
4 times
Thank you for patiently watching our presentation on hip hop. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!
What is hip hop?
Hip hop is a cultural type of art. It's elements contains dance, clothing, music,etc. Today we will be discussing about hip hop dance.
Hip hop came to be in the late 1960s. Different types of hip hop were originated from different places. For example, Latino Americans created breaking and uprock in New York City. Colored Americans made locking, roboting, boogaloo, and popping in California.
There are many different types of hip hop.The different types are:
Electric Boogaloo
Robot/ Mannequin
Liquids and Digits
Harlem Shake
How do you play?
We will play our song a couple of times, but we will stop it at random times. Once the music stops no one should be moving. Two guards will be watching to see if anyone is moving. If you are moving, you are disqualified and have to stand in front. The last people standing win a prize. Also if you aren't participating you will be disqualified.
This game is like Wax Museum, but the difference is that you HAVE to move when the song is playing. The two best dancers (1 girl and 1 boy) will be awarded as well.
Why is it Popular?
Hip Hop is popular mainly for its style of dance. Many people enjoy it because it can give you a challenge and it can be easy. It is known all around the world, and is very easy to dance to. Anyone can dance to it, even your grandma.
There really is no target audience for Hip Hop, because anyone can dance to it. If you can walk, you can dance! It has an easy dance style, and it very simple once you get used to it.
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