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Copy of Copy of 2011 Coxswain Clinic

A presentation to help novice coxswains learn more about the ins and outs of coxing

Emma Shaw

on 6 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of 2011 Coxswain Clinic

2011 Coxswain Clinic Presented by Allie Davis, Carie Mastrianni, Jen Nowicki, and Emma Shaw Welcome! We all share the same seat, and we'd like to pass along some of the tips and tricks we've learned... Let's start with some basics... Speed Coaches Why use them? Leadership "Attitude reflects leadership" Trailer Loading Water Safety Race Weekends launching adjustments warm-up time check boats near settle down re-affirm race plan time check row to holding area in holding area time check breathing to stake boats general goals overcorrecting hand up starts if i don't like my point? Talk it out....post-practice and post-race talks Reading and handling coxswain evaluations Visualization Picture yourself accomplishing your goal Step by step Make it as realistic
as possible--
details details details! Bonus:
Use music
to pump you
UP Practice Preparation Weather.com
is your bff The art of
layering up If you want to run/bike... Fueling up Indoor
coxing Coxing while testing--
be aggressive! Don't be afraid of ipods! Tone! Tone. TONE ...tone Next up: Increasing your effectiveness At last! Getting ready for the big day Pre-race protocol wind Opportunity for technique Thanks for joining us! Don't be afraid to try it all out or ask us questions
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