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ALT Ideate

No description

Sam Fite

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of ALT Ideate

ALT Albert Camus Ideate
The Stranger
- Meursault's struggle with understanding and following societal norms
- How his life was determined by his rebellion against these norms
- How Meursault lived his life to its fullest by not following societal norms
- Meursault's view on the meaning of life and how he executed that (focus on what he finds joyful, mainly physical pleasure and not higher up (p25)
- The readers (my) perceived wickedness of Meursault even though we are aware of the absurdist theme of the novel (nothing is serious to him)

The Myth of Sisyphus
People sell themselves short in this life in hope for another better one
People escape life's absurdity through hope or suicide
You can only live a fully lucid life when you are free of all deceptions and illusions (Religion)
Nothing is more valuable than your own life, most things people die for aren't worth it (Galileo)
Research on Camus
Albert Camus lived a very happy life
Had a good dress sense
Was a good athlete
Adored the ordinary
Had many girlfriends
Vowed for a new paganism based on the immediate pleasures of the body
Why not to give in to life's absurdity through hope or suicide
What a persons life purpose is (be as happy as possible)
Living your life to its fullest by not following social norms
Whats Next
The Rebel

What Meursault's life purpose is
Doesn't seek a higher purpose
Finds joy in the little things in life, mainly physical pleasure
Hand washing (Page 25)
Only does what he wants
The sun, beach, swimming
"I had little time left and I didn't want to waste it on God (120)"
Meursault's defiance of social norms
Refuses to lie
Refuses to show emotion when he does not feel any
Does not see marriage as legitimate
Does not pretend to like people who he doesn't
Does not believe in a higher being/ purpose



Summer in Algiers
Driving Question
To What Extent Do Societal Norms Inhibit People From Living Their Lives To The Fullest?

Examines the metaphysical and historical development of rebellion and revolution. There should be a strong societal norms theme
Explores life in Algiers and goes into detail about societal norms that constrict peoples way of life
The Rebel
Summer in Algiers
I was surprised by his ability to preach no meaning to life and remain happy.
I find it interesting how Meursault seems morally bankrupt but I still feel sympathy for him.
I was not expecting Meursault to dislike most people as much as he did.
How might I put a twist on the biographical element of my project in order to make the biographical essay unique and not full of regurgitated facts?
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