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The liger

Adam Hall

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Genetics

Genetic Hybrids The liger Liger Features Average Male (Father) Features Average How it happens Features Average Female (Mother) Tiger Black stripes
Reddish-orange fur Tigress Tigers and lions do not come into contact with each
other in their natural habitats, but some countries have allowed the two species to mate in captivity. Light tan skin
Light colored stripes
Larger than the tiger and the lion Length: 10ft
Weight: 700lbs Mane
Tan fur
One the most recognizable faces
of the animal kingdom Height: 3-4ft
Length: 8ft Lion Height: 6ft.
Weight:450lbs Lion Consequences Liger in captivity Your hybrid Using your imagination, what kind of hybrid can you come up with. The parent animals must be somewhat plausible. (a fly and a horse= horsefly wont work) You must include: 2 animals, a male & a female
What characteristics will it have?
Look like, act like, ect....
Are there side effects?
What will be the name of your animal?
What makes your animal unique?
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