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Disaster of the Titanic

Chris Tsouras

Jaci Howard

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Disaster of the Titanic

Disaster of the Titanic!
Changes I would have made if I was on the Titanic
I would order the ship builders to by top of the line rivets, not the cheap ones.
Changes I would have made if I was on the Titanic. Part 2
I would have the telagraph writers send SOS, not CQD
The RMS Titanic
Molly brown was a passenger aboard the Titainc.
Conclusion. The Titanic sank.
Facts about the Titanic
On the Titanic there were three different classes, first class,second class, and third class. First class was the most luxurious class with a grand stair case and luxurious rooms. Second class was were most tourists stayed and middle class familys. The second class rooms were not as luxurious than 1st class. Third class was the lowest class, people did not have their own rooms, they had share rooms.
1st class room
Life boat
There were very few life boats the Titanic.
Third class room
Quotes from captian Edward John Smith
"I don't know under what circumstances would cause this ship to founder, modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that."
I would tell Thomas Anderews to make the bulkheads larger.
Tell Bruce Ismay to not put pressure on Captian Smith.
I would put way more life boats on the side of the Titanic
I would make the shipbuilder not put so much effort in the first class rooms and spend more time with the saftey of the passsengers
How the Titanic sank.
At 11:40 pm, the Titanic hit an iceberg and water started to rush in due to the cheap rivets buckeling which let water in.
I believe with my ideas about the ship, it would have saved more lives.
"Heaven and Earth Never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation."
Christopher Tsouras
Sources: British archives, Encyclopedia Titanica, and Rms Titanic inc.
were very crowded.
The Titanic
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