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The Atlantic Slave Trade

No description

Alexis Cortez

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade
The Middle Passage

The Middle Passage
The Middle Passage
Part of the Atlantic Slave Trade was when raw materials were brought from America to Europe. These Materials were then manufactured and sent to Africa.
Slaves were captured as Captives
African Americans were captured and chained together with other slaves
The Americas
Once Africans arrived in America, Americans sold Africans in auctions. Some worked as servants. Most were forced to do hard labor in plantations or mines.
Slaves were taken under 5 feet ceilings.
Slaves would try to torture themselves by not eating, due to that they were forced to eat by opening their mouth shoving food down their throat.Some Slaves would commit suicide instead to end suffering.
Women were the most affected by they voyage, they were raped by the crew and where known as ship whores
Atlantic Slave Trade
The Atlantic Slave Trade was a trade route where Americans and Europeans traded. Raw materials were sent to Europe from America, manufactured goods from Europe to Africa, and slaves to America from Africa.
The Middle Passage
The Middle Passage was the voyage of enslaved Africans from Africa to the Americas, the middle leg of the triangular trade.
America goods to Europe
Raw Materials were taken to Europe such as Sugar, Coffee, Tobacco, & Cotton. These raw materials were then manufactured and taken to Africa.
Manufactured Goods
After manufactured goods were brought back to Africa, Slaves were captured and traded with the manufactured goods. But other enslaved Africans were shipped to the Americas as "cargo".
The End. :)
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