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King Arthur

No description

Savina Dhawan

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur
Who was King Arthur?
King Arthur was a legendary figure of medieval
times, and was the leader of Camelot & the knights of the round table. He became king by withdrawing
Merlin's (a magician) enchanted sword, that no one else could succeed in pulling. This allowed him to become a king.
Arthur carried a sword known as Excalibur & performed deeds of chivalry and searched for the holy grail with his knights.
Was he a real monarch or a legend handed down for centuries?
It was not revealed if King Arthur was real or not, but he was assumed to be a military leader who held off a Saxon invasion. His support in
that invasion may had inspired many writers
to write famous legends about him.
When did the first mention of Arthur appear and in what literature?
King Arthur was first mentioned in the
Historia Brittonum
, which was written by a Welsh monk known as Nennius. This literature tells of the 12 battles (including Mount Badon and the City of the Legion) fought by Arthur, who was referred here as a warrior.
Who were Arthur's mother and father?
Legend says that King Arthur was born to King Uther Pendragon and Ygraine. Ygraine was married to Duke Gorlois when she conceived Arthur. Uther, through Merlin's magic was made to look exactly like Gorlois. When Gorlois died, Uther immediately married Ygraine.
King Arthur was considered a good leader because he succeeded in leading his knights in their quests & fights. Arthur showed his great competency in his dozen battles. He showed honor & courage & was very chivalrous.
Why was Arthur considered such a great king? What were his accomplishments?
What gave Arthur an advantage in battle?
Why was the Round Table created?
Arthur had the Round Table created to prevent the quarrels & settle the disputes. In the Round Table, acts of chivalry were planned & discussed.
The essential to Arthur's victories was his magical sword, Excalibur. He obtained Excalibur from
The Lady of the Lake
while under Merlin's teachings, & used it to be triumphant over many.
What was the holy grail and why were Arthur & his knights searching for it?
The Holy Grail has become a central theme in Arthurian
literature. King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table searched for the Holy Grail because they saw a vision of it
on their table and knew they had to find it. The three knights
who found the Holy Grail were Sir Bors, Sir Perceval, and Sir Galahad, Lancelot's son and the greatest knight of all time.
As a result of this quest, a brilliant light
carried the Grail away. Of of all the three
knights, Perceval returned to inform the
other knights about their journey. Galahad
decided to remain pure, and Bors stayed
there in the old location of the Holy Grail.
Who were Arthur's enemies and why were they against him?
King Arthur was enemies with his half sister, Morgan le Fay and nephew. Mordred. Morgan wanted to kill him to become king, and to do so, she made her son Mordred magically forced to betray him in the future. Mordred betrayed him in his final battle.

How did King Arthur Die?
King Arthur was killed by his enemy Mordred, who betrayed him as Morgan le Fay planned. In a final battle, Arthur, having lost Excalibur, confronted Mordred with a spear. They rushed into each other, and Mordred's sword cleaved Arthur's head as Arthur's spear sank into his heart. As Arthur died, three fairy queens took him out to Avalon to heal him. Legend has it that he will come back some day, when Britain is once more on the brink of destruction.
Was Arthur's body/ grave ever found?
King Arthur's grave was never found. It is said that he was brought to the island Avalon, where he now rests, ready to come into action when Britain is in the brink of destruction.

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