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Welcome to Campi ya Kanzi

Created by: Campi ya Kanzi

Luca Belpietro

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Campi ya Kanzi

Welcome to Campi ya Kanzi
400 Square Miles of Exclusive Wilderness
Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa
Founders Hosting
6 Luxury Tented Cottages and 2 Luxury Suites
400 Square Miles Exclusive Wilderness
Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa
Cozy atmosphere...
Finest Italian cuisine
Amazing game walks...
Game drives in open Land Rovers
Amazing wildlife...
Pristine Wilderness...
Learning culture...
$100 per guest/per day are donated to the
Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust
To finance Education, Health services & Conservation programs
Educating the
Next Generation
Assisting with nurses and a doctor
Kanzi House -
$150 Conservation fee/day
to help the Maasai community
Champagne sundowner in front of Kilimanjaro
Cave dining!
Scenic Flights
Geoglyphs by Andrew Rogers - "The Rhythm of Life"
Tsavo Excursions
Fly Camping
Ithumba Orphaned Elephants
Responsible Tourism
A Liminality Experience...
Transcendental Meditation
Spiritual Massage
Horseback Riding
...Comfort with style...
6 Luxury Tented Cottages & 2 Luxury Suites
Kanzi Amani
Why Us...
- 280 000 acres

(4/5 Maasai Mara)


- Profound connection with the


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