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Clara Strum

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Transportation

Transportation two hundred years ago
Coal Trains two hundred years ago
Back then there were small coal trains, that did not carry passengers. They only carried the coal workers and the coal. The very first coal train was built in 1798, when the Lake Lock Rail Road opened to carry coal from the Outwood area in England.
Horses and Wagons
Riding a horse was one of the fastest ways to travel back then, but the horses weren't treated very well at the time. They were often whipped by the driver when pulling the carriage. Horses have been pulling wagons and carriages since the 1400's.
Most of the transportation back then used the wind, animals and human power to move. It didn't have much of an effect on the environment in a bad way.
The negative ways transportation effected the environment was how the coal trains polluted the air. Also the way humans treated the animals was sometimes negative.
Transportation Today
Two hundred years ago there was mostly horses with carriages/wagons, snow shoes, boats, coal trains, sleighs, skis, dog sleds, and people walking.
The ways of transportation today are cars, buses, motorcycles, trains, planes, helicopters, motorized boats, bicycles and even rockets and space ships.
Modern Day Trains
Roadways back then
There were more rocky roads two hundred years ago, compared to today. That is because they didn't have the supplies to put on cement. Back then they also used lakes, rivers and the ocean to travel by boat.
Boats back then were mostly canoes, sail boats, kayaks and rowboats. One of the boats created about two hundred years ago was the called the 'clipper ship'. They were the ones that had the sails all up the masts, making it just like a pirate ship.
Freight and Light Rail trains are more efficient than trains two hundred years ago because they are fueled by diesel, and electricity. Back then they were only fueled by coal and then steam. Today trains can take you all the way across a continent.
Highways have destroyed many animal habitats in the making of them. But it is also great for humans because it can make traveling a whole lot faster. Highways can also go on for a very long time, mostly across Provinces.
With transportation you can go anywhere in the world.
Most ways of transportation today pollute the air, ruin habitats and use fuel that has been taken from the environment.
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