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Graphic Design & Communication

No description

Abby Tompkins

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Design & Communication

Graphic Design & Communication
Communication & Information Design

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Key Courses:
Product Design & Testing, Information Design, & Visualizing Nanotechnology
Key Courses:
Software documentation, Public Relations Writing, Visual Thinking & Online Documentation
Key Courses:
Technology & Ethics, Communication Theory, & Special Topics in Communication
Cataloging topics and pieces of work by using hashtags

allows not only students to see other student created
work, but allows a world of people to find it as well.
Creating Facebook and Twitter pages for GD&C will allow
students to communicate with each other in a
relevant and technical way.
Q: What career
concentration do I chose?

Career Fields for
Graphic Designer
Public Relations
Social Media
Web Design
Advertising Management
GD&C Students
Picture Superiority Effect
"Pictures are generally more easily recognized and recalled than words. Use pictures and words together, and ensure that they reinforce the same information for the optimal effect"-Universal Principles of Design, pg. 184

The Digital Job Forecast
Writing Turned to Visuals Project by Alyssa Aiello
"Elements in a design should be aligned with one or more elements. This creates a sense of unity and cohesion, which contributes to the design's overall aesthetic and perceived stability."-Universal Principles of Design, pg. 24
Book Cover Project
by Alyssa Aiello
"The principle of accessibility asserts that designs should be usable by people of diverse abilities, without special adaptation or modification. Simplicity is achieved when everyone can easily understand and use the design regardless of experience, literacy, or concentration level."-Universal Principles of Design, pg. 16
Apple Product Guide
by Alyssa Aiello
Accessibility Principle

Graphic Design and Communication is a career track that involves graphic design, writing and theory.
Graphic Arts Print Media
Logo project for a branding class

Design a logo for an environmental, conservation organization that works to promote environmental education .

Target Audience : men and women ages 23-63
green"-minded corporations

Generate ideas in any categories of logo types:
Word mark, letter mark, symbol mark, nonobjective, pictorial, abstract, and combination mark. Work up 5-10+ pencil sketches.

Choose your best sketch and recreate the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Show the logo in black and white and 4 color.

Name the organization or use one of the following names:
Earth Guard
Protect E/W/A (Earth/Water/Air)
Global Legacy

Writing and Editing
Report Writing and Editing
Writing for New Media
Technology and Ethics
Social Media
Public Relations
Technical Writing
has made me a
team member
I think one of the biggest benefits that added value
to the class was the diversity of SUNYIT.
*Graphic Design
*Information Design

Advertisement by Abigail Tompkins
Logo by Hillery Hyllla
Androvid Pro Mobile Video Application
Screen shot of Timeless Spa &
Salon Video Advertisement by
Alyssa Aiello
create sketches
bring ideas to life
choose the best design and
be prepared to explain
Create using various principles

"Iconic Representation"
An example of a job listing for someone in the field
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