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No description

Sarah Chamberlain

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Advertising

spice up your advertising!
beyond the butcher block
Practice Makes...Better!
Common Mistakes in Advertising
What makes a good advertisement?
Things To Avoid in Advertising
Bring It!
The best advertising won't make your program a good one!
You have to want to be a part of it, attend it, and be excited or else your residents won't want to go either!
Believing You Don't Have To Advertise
Your residents can't attend a program that they don't know about!
Not Knowing Your Audience
Don't assume that what you would notice, your residents will notice! Don't be afraid to ask them what places on the floor or building they look at the most! Outside their door? In the elevator? The bathroom mirrors?
Cramming Too Much Information In One Place
Don't give your residents information overload, or they won't give your advertisement a chance!
Brittany Rose
Graduate Student, Canisius College
Clement AHD , UB
Undergraduate RA at:
Nazareth College
of college students will never attend a college sponsored activity
-A Creative Title
-Date, Time, Location
-A BRIEF explanation of program!
Answer the "what are we doing" question but leave some mystery!
-ANY TYPE OF ERROR: Spelling, Date, Time, Location etc.
-Religious images or quotes
-Inappropriate images or words (no cursing!)
-References to illegal actions through images or words (i.e. be sure you are not promoting underage drinking if you are doing a preventative alcohol program)
use Social Media if you're comfortable with it!
use countdowns with post its or lightly taped butcher blocks
use an entire wall to advertise rather than just one butcher block
use creative cutouts rather than just the typical square
use 3D items
give out pamphlets that serve as a raffle ticket if they take one
table outside of the dining halls
dress up (advertise with marker on a plain white t-shirt)
ask your fellow staff or pro staff members to review the flyers and ask how it can be better
Develop an advertising plan for the program we give you. You should use at least three methods/approaches. Be prepared to share your ideas!
Don't advertise based on your own opinion!
Use funny lines and puns! It gets peoples attention!
Never use inappropriate images or words that could offend others
Be funny!
Be short, sweet, and to the point!
Get their attention right away!
Expressing a personal opinion
What do you think?
The Dance Floor
The ones we can reach with great advertising/the ones other residents help pull in
The "Loyals"
The ones who help you plan the program, set up, clean up, and probably apply to be RAs themselves. If there's a program, they're there.
&....the ones we need to advertise the most for
The End!
Make sure you utilize your prostaff and their experiences!
Brittany: blrose@buffalo.edu

Thank you for your attention and we hope that you enjoy the rest of winter training. Good luck with your advertising this semester and beyond!
-Bring It
-Dance Floor
-Mistakes in Advertising
-What makes a good advertisement
-Advertisement Critique
-Tips from ProStaff
go door to door knocking (even not at the time of the program--just to build a connection): if the residents feel welcome and have a great relationship with you, they're more likely to come to your programs and have a vested interest
have a free giveaway (with approval from your pro staff)
cut your butcher block into a creative shape or design (a rectangle butcher block just does not draw attention)
apartments: use resident mailboxes or door knockers
make personal invitations: people want to feel welcome at an event, like they know someone there. they are more likely to go if they are "invited"
use a QR code leading to a surveymonkey that you create to have residents sign up for events that are excursions, so you can determine how much transportation is needed before hand
also use QR codes to go to UB Linked, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages!
be excited: if you don't want to go to your program, why should they?
create a community newsletter to advertise what's going on around the community
teaser advertisements, when done well, can be very effective
just writing words on butcher block or paper looks TACKY and if you work for us, you're not tacky! spend more than five minutes on your advertisement and it'll be worth it
if you want your program to succeed, be proactive and spend a good deal of time on the advertisement
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