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Advisory Day 1

No description

Jeenzy A

on 4 October 2018

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Transcript of Advisory Day 1

Circle of Power and Respect (CPR)
Everyone carefully and quietly grab their desk
Place the desk in a big circle around the room
Quietly wait for further instructions
Find your assigned advisory seat
Please find an advisory letter on your desk
Read both sides carefully and independently
Begin to fill out WHY you think we do a certain thing each day in the space provided

Staying Organized
Advisory 2018-19
1) 9th Rules and Expectations Notes- signed
2) Trip slips for field day - NEED JOHAN, LILLIANA
3) If you have it, bring your summer reading book with you to school

DUE TUESDAY (no school Monday):
1) Supplies from supply list
2) Your summer homework
High Schoolers
Good morning, Advisory
Find your assigned seat
Enjoy your breakfast
Clean up your space if needed
We will start when the bell rings at 8:30 (technology away by this time)

1- Greeting: Say hi to your neighbors by high fiving them

2- Circle Share: Who is your role model or someone you look up to?

3- Game: Hot Seat!!
Community Rotations
Write a letter to Ms. Aames
Spaghetti Towers
Closing Circle: The Cold Wind Blows
- Trip Slips
- Principal Letter
- Bus Passes
- Shirts for field day
- Supplies for 9th grade
- Lockers
- Printing HW
Introduce yourself
Share about who you are, your friends, family, hobbies, who your role models are
How was your middle school experience? Write about academic (classes and grades) and social (friends and interests)
What do you hope to accomplish in high school? What are your goals for this year? The next four years? Why do you have those goals? What inspires you?
What do you wish to do after high school? What kind of life do you want as an adult? Be specific and don't be afraid to dream
How can Ms. Aames help you this year? What do you need from her as your adviser?

Put all classwork in correct class binder! Take each one to the correct class!!
Today's Rotation
Mr. Green
Ms. Lamp
Mr. Medeiros
Mrs. Polanco
Mrs. Arroyave
Your Chrome Book!
- Build community
- Prepare for a strong start to high school
- Share important information and dates
- Everyone helps move the desks into a circle and back, neatly
- Everyone participates
- Be kind and respectful
- Cell phones are away. Period.
- Have fun
Mrs. Aames
Room 217
Hot Seat
- Write a question on the paper provided
- Make sure it's interesting and appropriate for school!
- You may write more than one question
- We'll compile them and play "hot seat"
Preparing for the Day
Please fill in the schedule for your locker-- we'll go downstairs together to tape them inside and help anyone who may be having locker troubles
Make sure all your supplies are stored in your locker
The only classes you will see before lunch are periods 1 and 3!
Take with you: Chrome Book, agenda, pencil, materials for periods 1 and 3
Emergency Procedures Presentation
For any fire drill, we will always line up towards the end of the parking lot closest to our side of the building
Whole-school presentation 9:15-10:15am
All School Meeting (ASM) seating chart
1) Log into Chrome Book (w/ email address)
2) Visit student homepage: start.students.paulcuffee.org
3) Bookmark it!
4) Tour of "G Suite"
5) Log into Skyward

Lunch: 11:55-12:24pm
Senior Buddies! 2:15pm
Skyward on CB
Skyward App
7, 1, lunch, 5, 3
Story Time
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