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conceptual art

No description

Owen Woityra

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of conceptual art

...when? where?
The Base of the World
Piero Manzoni
A Leap Into the Void
Yves Klein
conceptual art

owen woityra, 1st hr
Idea is more important than product.
Thought created before execution.
Uses a variety of media - there are no rules.
Writing, sculptures, performance, object, drawings - anything.
Mid 1960s - Mid 1970s
Another new, 'cutting-edge', avant garde-style movement, similar to Cubism, Dada, Expressionism, etc.
Arose across various continents
Conceptual art still continues to be made
Call attention to political or social issues
Test the boundaries of what art really is.
Marcel Duchamp
Sol LeWitt
Joseph Kosuth
One and Three Chairs (1965)
Joseph Kosuth
Multiple media
Same concept in different forms.
Artist presents entire world as his art piece.
Simple base, upside-down.
Stated that the artists only needed to represent himself continuously.
Combined different photogrpahs.
Later presented empty room.
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