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The Pearl Music Project

Johnny Rodriguez Ms. A. Parker 8th Grade ELA 7 December 2012

Johnny Rodriguez

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The Pearl Music Project

The Pearl Music Project Johnny Rodriguez
Ms. A. Parker
8th Grade ELA
7 December 2012 Life/Experiences Songs About the Book
Pt. 2 Song of Revelation Song of Lost Time Song of Ignorance Song of My Future Profession The Song of Pokemon The Song of Winter Song of the Family Song of Evil Song of the Pearl Songs About the Book
Pt. 1 When Kino starts his day, the Song of the Family is in his mind as he carries out his normal routine. The Song of the Family symbolizes what Kino and Juana valued, and what Kino had planned to help with the pearl. His wish was that his family would get out of poverty and live in luxury. When Kino finds the pearl, he and Juana are happy by the thought that they could now afford the treatment for Coyotito. For a split second, Kino thinks of all the other things he could do with the money and tells Juana and the neighbors about them. At any time that Kino heard the Song of Evil, we find a suspenseful tone added. This piece emphasizes the first time he hears the Song of Evil, when the scorpion is crawling on the string holding Coyotito's bed. Contrary to being born in the midst of the urban summer heat, I favor the winter season. I enjoyed playing in the snow when I used to live in Massachusetts. Here, snow isn't as common as it is up north, but at least I get to wake up to a scenery of frost and cold temperatures. I yearn to visit Massachusetts in the winter and see some snow. Pokemon has always been one of my all-time favorite video games. I have been playing Pokemon ever since I found a Ruby Version in the men's clothing section of the mall and persuaded my dad to buy it when I was about four years old. I battle my sisters and I beat them, even if my little sister uses a party of Level 100 Legendary Pokemon. My little sister and I competed in the Pokemon VGC two years ago, and we qualified for the National Championships after winning in the Regional in Georgia. My father was formerly in 7th Group of the Special Forces. My cousin is living in my house so my dad can help him become an Army Ranger. They, along with the patriotism I got from my dad, inspired me to join the military as well. I want to join the Air Force and become a Special Operations Weather Team Specialist When Kino finds the pearl, he has thoughts about what to do with the money after paying for Coyotito’s treatment. Kino delved so deep into his efforts to make those plans reality that his personality underwent change. It came to him in the end after witnessing Coyotito’s death that the pearl wouldn't have done anything for the better at all. Kino wanted to do more than pay for Coyotito's treatment with the pearl. Although they were with good intentions, Kino decided to sell the pearl after being attacked for the second time. He got lost in madness caused by the thought of being cheated and the attacks. He went to sell the pearl too late and we see a negative outcome. Kino was clearly told by Juana to get rid of the pearl or sell it before something tragic happens from its evil. It came to the point where she took the pearl herself and attempted to dispose of it before Kino almost murdered her out of pure rage. My Wish by Rascal Flatts Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Symphony Sector 2 Main Theme from Metroid: Other M Pokemon Main Theme Song In the End by Linkin Park One Day Too Late by Skillet Nobody's Listening by Linkin Park Medal of Honor: Warfighter (gameplay/live footage) Trailer directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn
(The Catalyst by Linkin Park) Song of My Puzzled Mind Runaway by Linkin Park My family members are devout Christians. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, but I wonder about modern science. I have read two books that talk about how science does put down the Bible in a way, and I get this odd anger just thinking about the reality that we are mandated to learn about evolution and how the universe was made the way it is by an extremely miniscule percent of chance. This song talks about someone being told a flood of lies that breaks trust and causes that person to want to run away and learn the truth.
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