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No description

Ben Goldberg

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of JCPenney COMPLETE

television. PROBLEMS brought to you by... & OPPORTUNITIES 1. JCPenney ranks much lower than most of its competitors on key brand metrics. 2. One of the main reasons the survey respondents said that they did not shop at JCPenney is because it is “not my kind of store” or it is inconvenient. 3. While the target age group represents 16.2% of the total market, they account for 10.6% of JCPenney’s sales. 4. Mixed-message about the company’s brand identity. 2. Maximizing all that JCPenney has to offer is an enormous opportunity for the brand (salon services, portrait studio, and wedding/gift registry). 3. Expanding the “exclusive lines” that JCPenney offers, showing more of a reason to specifically shop at JCPenney. 4. Exploiting JCP.com, a top-ranked website in terms of number of hits, which offers a future increase of potential sales. 1. Women 25-34 provide a large potential market that JCPenney has not fully exploited. MARKETING
OBJECTIVES 1. Increase Sales Among Females 25-34 from Feb '12 to Feb '13 to... $3 BILLION 2. Increase the number of female customers 25-34 in 2012 from 2.6 M to... 3 MILLION MARKETING STRATEGY Positioning Distribution Pricing Promotion Budget MODERN FASHIONABLE EXCEPTIONAL
VALUE Position JCPenney as the best place for modern women between 25-34 to shop for everything they need, with great style and even better prices ADVERTISING + PR + SALES PROMOTION $100 M - Females 25-34 - Fashion Conscious - Price Conscious I Love a Good Deal - Urban Areas The Campaign. OBJECTIVES: - Increase brand awareness from 41% to 60%
- Improve JCPenney's brand image among the target market
- Persuade non-JCPenney customers to visit JCPenney
- Increase traffic on JCP.com Advertising Strategy MESSAGE - JCPenney is the best place for the modern syle conscious woman to shop for everything she needs MEDIA - Television - Magazines - Digital - Transit af BUDGET $80 Million Creative Consumer Benefit - The JCPenney customer looks great, and
stays within her budget due to JCPenney's
extraordinary style and value Points of Emphasis - JCP Exclusive Designers - JCPenney has a wide variety of services to offer
besides fashion, such as bedding, salon services, home furnishings, bridal registry etc. TONE - Witty - Tounge in Cheek - Witty -Young Campaign Theme #Problem Solved - Emphasizes JCP as
one stop problem solving
shop - When the consumer encounters a
"problem" she thinks JCPenney - Leverages popularity of
#whitegirlproblems, a twitter
phenomenon Media Plan Budget: $75 Million Television: $32 Million Magazines: $23 Million Transit: $10 Million Digital: $10 Million print. transit. digital. "Playtime" :30 "JCP's Night Out" :15 or :30 Target Market SALES
PROMOTION PICK OUR NEXT EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER! Feb. '12 to Sept. '12 VOTE Receive... A Special Coupon
Through Facebook FOR... ALSO.... Be entered into a SWEEPSTAKES to go to... FASHION'S NIGHT OUT IN NYC 1) Television
- Offers broad reach along with effective targeting through selective programming choices Magazines
-Especially effective in reaching women 25-34
-Exceptional color
-Secondary pass-along readership Transit
-Major exposure to public in large metropolitan and urban areas
-Builds frequency over time Online
-Excellent reach
-Target audience more likely to read email blasts than newspaper :15 and :30 second commercials, using :15 second commercials more frequently to build more reach Top Chef−
Project Runway−
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency−
Rachel Ray’s Week in a Day−
Academy Awards (Campaign Launch)−
Modern Family −
Grey’s Anatomy−
Desperate Housewives Full-page, full-color bleed magazine ads Lucky Magazine
Marie Claire
Vanity Fair
Brides Magazine Only used in areas (such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Francisco) where target audience uses public transit Fully themed Buses
Fully themed subway cars
Fully themed subway stations and bus stations
Fully themed:
Subway cars
Subway stations Only used in areas (such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Francisco) where target audience uses public transit Banner advertisements on fashion blogs as well as websites associated with magazines used in the campaign Only used in areas (such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Francisco) where target audience uses public transit #Media Units Purchased per Medium per Month 2) FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2012 An in-store event in NYC as well
as other locations nationwide Sept. 2012, during "Fashion Week" PARTY #problemsolved gift card. In-store exclusive offer, which contains a style consultation and salon treatment 3) Twitter Feb. '12 to
Feb '13 BUDGET: $15 M Public
Relations Evaluation Measure... - Sales figures &
other retail metrics - Advertising and
brand awareness METHODOLOGY SURVEYS DATA Conducted before the campaign starts, and at 3, 6, 9, and12 months after the launch BUDGET OBJECTIVE: To contact media representatives and create awareness and positive impression about the JCPenney’s new campaign. #problemsolved.
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