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No description

Abe Walker

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Heymeadow

The Haymeadow Setting Summer Wyoming In the mountains In the haymeadow, the haymeadow is a large grassy land up in the mountains where the sheep go for the summer. Character John Barron 14 Years old By Gary Paulson Looks like his Grandfather when he was younger Conflict Tink gets cancer and John gets sent up to the mountains with several dogs, two hourses and about TWO THOUSAND SHEEP Major Event Resolution He went from scared and nervous to confidint and feeling like he can do almost anything. And bad things just keep happening A bear attacks and kills alot of sheep A flash flood comes and tips over his camper
and his gun goes missing His dad comes and visits him John gets the horses to make the camper stand up straight and his gun is laying under it. His dad comes and gives him a pep talk to stay up in the haymeadow with the rest of the sheep. Suggestion Over all I really liked this book. Because of the good description and story line I recommend this book to most people. Over all I really liked this book because of the good description and detail and I think that you should read this
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