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Sharon Creech

No description

Talha Ahmad

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Sharon Creech

Sharon Creech a prezi presentation Author's Ideas Criticism on Creech,
The Good Things Criticism on Creech,
The Bad Stuff The Early Books Later Books Start of Her Story Where What Who Childhood Sharon Creech was born in South Euclid, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland. In the summers her family (it was a large and extended one) would go on trips from Wisconsin to Michigan to Kentucky and even Scotland. These annual trips would have a great effect on her writing. Sharon Creech lived in a self described "noisy and rowdy family". This included her parents, three brothers and one sister. However her relatives and friends would visit her family so often that guests weren't a rare sight! Her relatives would also have a great effect on her writing. As a child, Creech wrote a lot, though she had no intention to be a writer. Many of the trips she took with her relatives inspired her later writing. Originally, Creech wanted to be a painter, an ice skater, a singer, a teacher, and a reporter as she grew respectively. But after finding out she wasn't qualified for most of these professions (reporter was out of the question, she loved to bend the truth) she set her sights to be a writer. However this revelation would occur in her college years. Sharon first became interested in writing in college when she was taking literary courses.
After college she became an English teacher for high school in the UK and Switzerland. These experiences would be key to her novels. Sharon Creech wrote her first children's book in 1990 titled Absolutely Normal Chaos. In 1994 Walk Two Moons was written, not only was it a success but it won a Newberry medal . Sharon Creech's later books include:
Pleasing the Ghost (1996)
aka The Ghost of Uncle Arvie
Chasing Redbird (1997)
Bloomability (1998)
The Wanderer (2000)
Love That Dog (2001)
Ruby Holler (2002)
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup (2003)
Heartbeat (2004)
Replay (2005)
Castle Corona (2007)
Hate That Cat (2008)
The Unfinished Angel (2009)
The Great Unexpected (2012) I think Sharon Creech has a very good writing style. It is easy for most people to understand and it brings complicated situations to a simple level. Her books have good content that can rock you to your core. Though Sharon Creech has great points, she also has some rather "low" points. Her writing may be simple, but sometimes a little too simplistic. Also some themes are a little cheesy. July 29, 1945 - Rise and Fame http://www. sharoncreech.com/meet-sharon-creech

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Kentucky Ohio Sharon Creech's Favorite places to visit The Importance of Creech By Talha Ahmad Sharon Creech is important mostly because of her touching stories. The ones that explore familiar and unfamiliar topics all tied under a central theme. Those books that can change a way a person thinks, feels, and perceives. That is the importance of Sharon Creech. Citations
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