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Externship Presentation

No description

Cristhia Rodriguez

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Externship Presentation

My Externship Experience Cristhia Rodriguez It was a very interesting experience.
For a person who has never been exposed to
an office environment they could benefit from
this site. For the most part everyone there is
nice and helpful. * Assemble charts
* Difference between patient records
ex. psychological record, short procedure record, medical record, mommy & baby records, etc... Journal VERY REPETITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Sign in charts
* Assembling charts
* Loose filing
* Filing & pulling charts
* Audits
* Help in Dr's room
* Answer phones Sacred Heart Hospital Conclusion What I learned Duties & Responsibilities Medical Records Dept. What I did daily *Discharge faxing

*Make outpatient charts

*Chart copies Mission Statement Sacred Heart HealthCare System is committed to providing health care and wellness, from conception to natural death, through quality services and programs based on the Catholic ethical and religious directives.
Our health care network continues its leadership in the community through collaboration and affiliation with recognized regional and national experts.
We assure that the system will remain viable by providing cost effective and value-driven services. A program of continuous performance improvement enables us to respond to the needs of the community while giving meaningful employment, education and training to our employees.
In fulfilling this mission, Sacred Heart HealthCare System recognizes the dignity and eternal destiny of each individual with special concern for the sick and the poor.
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