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Conflict Resolution

No description

Carrie Webster

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Conflict Resolution

Blocks Spring 2013 Conflict Resolution Conflict Conflict is neither good or bad
Conflict is inevitable
No winners or losers
Both parties think their opinion is fact
Both parties see themselves as innocent victims who represent the side of truth and fairness
Blind to their own actions Why is there conflict? Unclear information
Differing perceptions, values, cultural norms
Need for power, status, ego
Ambiguous roles or guidelines
Others? Basic Methods for Resolving Conflict Assertive Communication 1. Describe:
Clearly and specifically
2. Express:
How do you feel, I statements
3. Specify:
What you want and a deadline Active Listening Techniques Attending
Summarize Power or Compete
Compromise (negotiation)
Accommodating Successful Mediation Safe environment
What makes it safe?
Impartial third party
University resources
Who should mediate?
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