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No description

Sofia Ruiz

on 3 July 2017

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Transcript of WL.I1.3B

- How we communicate

When you have a question about something...
How and Where do you get information to answer it?
Are you comfortable striking up a conversation with an stranger?
What topics can you use to start a conversation?
Identifying a person in a group of people
Participial (-ing) phrases
Prepositional Phrases
1. chat

7. discuss
6. argue
4. strike up a conversation
3. share
2. gossip
a. To have an oral disagreement
8. message
5. calling
f. To communicate by telephone
h. A piece of information sent by phone
g. To take part on something
e. An informal conversation
d. To talk about rumors
c. To start a conversation
b. To talk about something and explore solutions.
Discuss the questions with your group
1. Over dinner, we usually chat about ______________________.
5. The last time we had a discussion was __________. We talked about ________________.
4. The hardest thing about carrying out a conversation in English is _________________.
3. To avoid arguing with someone, you can _____________________.
2. I could confidently give a talk on ______________________.
To start a conversation, you can talk/ask about ______________________.
Interrupting someone you don't know
Excuse me / I am sorry to interrupt / I beg your pardon...
May I interrupt for a moment? My name is _______________.
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is ____________.
Interrupting someone you know
Excuse me. Sorry to bother you, (name) / Could I interrupt for a second?
but I have a question...
I just wanted to say/ask something...
Do you know Susan?
She's the girl
She's the girl
blue jeans.
She's the girl
with the guy in red.
She's the girl
blue jeans.
She's the girl
a ponytail
She's the girl
Do you know Jess?
Do you know Kim?
Do you know Michael?
Do you know the girl in the white tank top?
Yes, she is Jennifer Aniston.
Do you know the guy wearing a gray suit and a red shirt?
Yes, he is Brad Pitt.
work in one place / travel a lot
make decision alone / discuss with others
well paid
quiet, predictable schedule / busy, unpredictable schedule
speak English
work indoors / work outdoors
strike up conversations with strangers
give presentations
Do you like _(infinitive)_ or _(base form)?
Are you better at _(gerund)_ or _(gerund)_?
Do you prefer _(infinitive) or _(base form)_?
Do you like to work alone
work with a group?
Do you prefer to work alone
work with a group?
Are you good at writing in English
speaking in English?
I think
should be a/an
. because he/she
likes to _______
prefers to _______
and he/she
is good at (gerund)
Being a/an
, he/she can
I think
should be a
flight attendant
, because she
likes to travel
, she
prefers a busy, unpredictable schedule
and she
is good at striking up a conversations
with strangers.
Being a
flight attendant
, she can
visit many new places
around the world and she can
learn other languages
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