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Twitter PLN

No description

Jennifer Reed

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Twitter PLN

Harnessing the Power
of a
Twitter PLN

"And, honestly, I wasn't reading for pleasure that often. I got out of the habit of reading and I'm not really sure how or why. After connecting with a few other educators on Twitter who were avid kid lit readers, my reading life has changed considerably. (Bird walk alert! If you are not on Twitter then you need to be. I've met some AH-MAZING people that have really nurtured and supported the reader and writer in me.

Kristen Becker, The Buzz from Becker

Creating a Twitter Identity
A Few Quick Stories
World Read Aloud Day
By Way of Introduction
Teacher Librarian
Mason-Rice Elementary School
Managing Your Tweets and Tweeps
Decoding a Tweet
Find and Follow Hashtags
Find the Presentation
Using Twitter to expand your personal learning network
Who to Follow
Group Note Taking and Chats
Terrific Twitter Tools
Twitter is...
Learn the Lingo
Aggregators: ways to curate Tweets
We pause this presentation while you take the time to sign up for Twitter....
Sign up for Twitter
Find Relevant users to follow
Look at who your colleagues are following
Managing that PLN with hashtags
Crossing State Lines to Read Poems for Two Voices
Create a userame that makes sense
Don't be an egg head!
Create a description that captures your interests.
@bookjunkie, @johndoe, @pageturner
Keep it short - easy to remember and saves characters!
Be concise
Great at conferences!
Easily share notes with your PLN!
SLJ Summit Storify
Tweet about it!
Step by Step Instructions
Your first Tweet!
140 characters
Now is the time
Mention someone: @libraryreeder
Add a hashtag: #aasl13
Share something you have learned at AASL.
Search for leaders in your field
Some School Library Favorites
#tlchat, #tlelem, #titletalk, #kidlit,
#bookaday, #sharpschu, #nerdybookclub, #IMWAYR
Top education hashtags
#titletalk, #tlchat, #edchat, #sharpschu, #kidlitchat
Richard Byrne's EdChat calendar
Jennifer Kelley Reed
...a powerful personal learning network.
Margie Myers-Culver
Matthew C. Winner
Techie. Reader. Teacher.
Make it your tool.
lurker and/or contributor
professionally personal and/or wholly personal
daily or sporadic
cruise and/or curate
How will you use Twitter?
curating tools
Twitter handle
content of Tweet
date or time sent
Your curated Tweets and Tweeps
Following your followers
Your curation tools
Your lists
Your connections
Find new connections
Read it later with
Shorten URLs with
Save Webpages with
Share photos and videos with
Curate Tweets from an event
Participate in a chat
What's the latest news?
Choose a relevant background image
Skype in the classroom
Look at who Twitter suggests
Blocking Tweeps
Unfortunately spammers are everywhere...
If you want to block a new follower, click on the hyperlink to their profile, click on the silhouette image, choose the appropriate option from the list.
I chose Peter Sagal on purpose, please do not block him!
This is what it's all about!
For Students
What did you think?

I welcome your feedback!The evaluation form is here:
Laura Given
don't get @ me....
They found two friends,
and they found two friends...
Come follow, follow
read their description
see who they follow
see who follows them
read a few Tweets
Information for
now and later
Tweet with the hashtag
I love Twitter because it has expanded my library vision & my world by giving me access 24/7 to supportive, innovative educators. It has changed my approach to teaching & helped me recognize that I may be alone at my school in my unique position, but there are others to reach out to for help!

~Sherry Gick
Authentic Learning Experiences
For Me!
My Students!
Authentic Learning Experiences
For Me
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