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texting :)

the enimy! the grudge will come to you! TOSHIO! you have to unspell the curse! AHHHHHHH!

Lee Hyun Choi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of texting :)

Texting uses lots of SMS language. SMS language is a term for the abbreviations most commonly used by teens. NO TXTING! X( YA! COS WER JST 2 COOL
LIKE THT! XD WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? - "I am so saddened when, after instruction, my middle school students still use their text messaging in their script. Remember, texting is pushing buttons. If a student can write one way to friends and another in class (with a pen or pencil), then what is keeping them from distinguishing? The problem, in my opinion, is that texting, for some, is their first or primary language! They don't believe me when I tell them that "u, cuz, and b4" are not words and are unacceptable in a lab report." From a random middle skl teacher - "I teach 9th and 11th grade English and regardless of the age, my students' spelling is atrocious. Texting does not and has not helped. My students even speak to me in text. They do not see the relevance or value of using standard English, though I have explained it many times. It's frustrating. My former students who are seniors and have not passed the English portion of the exit exam and keep flunking the writing part are beginning to understand the relevance. They barely passed my class, eking out a D or D- and now are facing a certificate of completion instead of receiving a diploma...now they understand. I can just imagine what will happen to them in the work place. Some of my former students who are in community college and taking remedial English are actually coming back to me now asking for my help. I don't have the time, I tell them, I have my current students to worry about. Maybe they should have paid attention better when they were my students. Maybe they should come and speak to my current classes about how they should not make the same mistake they did." From a random highschool teacher This is for negative opinions This is 4 positive opinions :) Edutopia conducted an online poll about their opinions on texting.
It is called "Texting vs. Grammar" 47% thinks that teens carry
their writing habits into school
assignments, which brings them
back bad grades. 33% thinks tht teens can
rite 1 way 2 their friends
nd the other way in class,
therefore, it will not effect
ur grade :)
19% are not concerned about it.
"Although it might have some
impact on students' writing
skills, we don't think it's a big
One online article featured a thirteen-year-old girl who text messaged 14,528 text messages in a single month.
When calculating the amount of hours in a single month, just think about the astronomical amount that this girl is texting per minute. Imagine what this California girl’s teachers are probably seeing in her schoolwork. - "another language for us younger ppl is great.
it keeps us independent of the older generations way of talking. it is appropriate and essential. i think texting is cool, not that i do it, but it is OUR thing, not YOUR thing." From a normal teen - "i think text messaging is good
I text a lot and it hasn't did anything to my writing or reading skills my reading skills have been good all my life but it has improved because now that i text i can read more of the stuf that people text.. people shorten it because it takes too long to text so they shorten it to communicate faster." A teen THANK U 4 WATCHING! :)
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