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on 10 May 2016

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Protection of the Environment and Conservation
Humans need to share and protect the environment. Humans have been making mistakes that have hurt our environments for hundreds of years. We need to focus on conservation and protection of the environment. We can do this by: creating more national parks, stopping deforestation, and slowing down climate change. Climate change is being caused because we fulfill our “wants” not just our “needs”, so we create more factories instead of thinking of better ways to slow down our consumerism. Deforestation is another thing that interferes with us protecting the environment. If we keep the present rate of deforestation all of our forests will be gone, sooner than later. This affects the other plants and animals, they will become extinct if we lose our forests. We want so many things we don’t need, so if you want to make a difference try being eco- friendly (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). We need to do these things to keep the earth healthy for generations to come.
Green Spaces in Urban Areas
St. James
Catholic Global Learning Center

The area of Southern Ontario is really like a big jigsaw puzzle, with big cities, small suburbs, and farm lands. What these places all have in common is that we live and work in them. Placed around Ontario are places where plants and trees grow tall, and animals run, swim, and fly around freely. These places are called green spaces. Our future depends on these green spaces because they give us air, water, and food. For a long time we have been treating the green spaces badly. We have been bulldozing forests and cutting them down, building concrete buildings and above all, we haven't left spaces for plants or animals, just look at the city of Toronto. Some people are working to stop this from happening. Green spaces depend on us, so plant something in your front or backyard and make the world a greener place.
Increasing Green Space Within Your Own Residence.
National parks are one way that humans share the environment. Humans have created national parks in many different countries.
National parks are spaces that the government thinks are naturally beautiful and important for our global environment where wildlife can continue to live. There are many national parks in Canada, they touch three oceans and four of the great lakes. They span from the south of Canada to the arctic north. There are many risks facing Canada’s national parks such as: developing resources, illegal hunting, and climate change. The government needs to fund national parks through tax dollars, which is always a challenge. We need to make our National Parks a priority for both us humans, and the many animals that call them home.

As part of Sharing the Environment, humans have to find ways to create more green space for the animals that share our urban centers. Urban sprawl is a problem for: people, animals and plants. The good news is that humans are taking steps towards fighting urban sprawl (An urban sprawl is when people in the city move into the outskirts). What I've done, is I made a garden so animals feel safe. I made a hummingbird feeder because hummingbirds are pollinators. During the cool spring and early fall months, hang a bird feeder outside so the hummingbirds have a source of energy. I encourage you to make a bat house because bats eat mosquitoes.
Animals ,Plants and People
Without animals and plants there would be no life on earth. If a flower needs to be pollinated there are animals to come and pollinate the flower. If the flower does not get pollinated it cannot reproduce oxygen for animals. We cut down trees, made pollution and caused chaos and then we realized that we needed trees and we needed animals, The animal-human bond is extremely important, we recently decided that cutting down trees and destroying wildlife has come with negative consequences. We should respect the environment, people have been doing their best by making machines to help the environment. We have made some big mistakes. Here is an example, the Exxon Valdez oil spill. After the spill, people took all the animals out of the oily water and washed them off, this is an example of people helping animals after we made mistakes.

National Parks
Our topic is Sharing the Environment.
These are our lines of inquiry:

Increasing green space within our own residence- Steven

Green space in urban areas- Dean

Conservation and the protection of the environment- Alexia

Independence of animals and people/ food pyramids- Anthony

National Parks- Jacob

First Stage
Second Stage
The circle of my garden

How Deforestation Affects the Planet

I have paper towel with water so a root could grow on the seed.
Deforestation is when are when trees are being cleared from an area. How it affects humans: Trees give us oxygen and we need it, if we wipe out the trees we won't have as much oxygen as we would have with trees. Also when we burn down trees it could injure a person who did not cause. How it affects animals: It can ruin animal’s habitats and kill them. All of our forests will be gone for good if we keep up the speed of how we are cutting down the trees. All of our forests have plants and animals that could become extinct because of deforestation.

What you can do to stop it: Try using more recycled items or don't waste paper and try not to eat meat.
Climate change: Human Causes
and Natural Causes
Human causes: We fulfill our wants not our needs. So we just go ahead and build factories that release CO2 (Carbon Dioxide. We also use electricity and that is made by the burning of fossil fuels. We also cause it by driving cars, people may not think of this very often we just do what we do and don’t care. Natural causes: Some natural things that cause climate change are volcano’s even though they may last for a few days it releases SO2 also known as sulfur dioxide (it is a toxic gas with a pungent, irritating and rotten smell.) When a volcano erupts it releases water vapour, dust, and ash into the atmosphere. This is causing the climate in the Antarctic to change and that is causing the icebergs to melt.

What you can do: Try to walk somewhere or ride a bike.
How do Human choices affect animals
The choices we make affect animals and we don’t think of this very often but all of our animals will be gone if decide not to do anything. One example of our choices that affect animals is food and fashion industry. Some people will not eat animals and they are called vegetarians, and some people will eat and wear animals. Sometimes people will only use the skin of animals and not use the rest of it which can cause animals to become endangered or extinct.

What you can do: Don’t dump! Do not pour paint or chemicals into the ground or into the gutter. If you do, it will get into the water we drink, and into the lakes and oceans where it may harm the animals that live in the water and on the shore.
To stop or slow down climate change we need to use other types of energy sources. Try not to eat a lot of meat, one day try to not eat any meat at all. Ride a bike to somewhere you need to go, or walk. We all can reduce, reuse, and recycle. If we do this then we can cut down on our use on electricity, and gas we are all guilty of this start being active or drive less during the week by using public transportation. If you don’t waste paper we will have cleaner air and in some places we won’t have a lot of floods so act now for a healthier earth.
Last Stage

The roots in the peas have started growing, but the parsley isint going well.
Crocodiles and plovers have a symbiotic relationship. The crocodile opens its mouth and the plover goes into the crocodiles mouth and eats the food off the crocodiles teeth. This gives the plover food and crocodile clean teeth. Another example, is the hippo and a small bird. The bird eats the bugs of the hippos back.
150 years ago the white peppered moths were affected by human pollution. Before the Industrial Revolution there were many more white Pepper Moths. The white peppered moth avoided being attacked from birds because their white color camouflaged them to blend in with the white buildings of London and the surrounding area. This was a problem for the black peppered moths because they could not blend into the buildings, but machinery caused enough pollution to make the buildings black. This decreased the amount of white peppered moths and made more black peppered moths in London.
The Peppered Moths are Effected by Changes in their Environments Which Humans Caused

Here is my garden i planted the tyme for at the last minute
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