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A Story of a Red Blood Cell

No description

Lydia B

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of A Story of a Red Blood Cell

The Story of a Red Blood Cell
I always travel to the heart in veins. Veins are really flexible thin tubes that are throughout the body. It's actually pretty fun to ride in them.
The Veins
The Heart (Part 1)
By Lydia
The Heart (Part 2)
When I get of of the lungs, I enter the heart through the pulmonary vein. I go into the left atrium and get pumped into the left ventricle. (This is the cardiac muscle pumping.) Finally, another valve pumps me out of aorta and I continue going to the rest of the body.
The Arteries
The Capillaries
Other Places
I Go
When I travel through the heart into the lungs, I am carbon dioxide rich blood. I drop of the waste product carbon dioxide that I have received from the rest of the body. Then, I get oxygen so I can deliver it to the rest of the body. That means that I am now oxygen rich. I then travel back to the heart in an artery.
When I leave the heart, I travel in arteries. Arteries are thickest blood vessels and have high pressure. This is my favorite part of my job, because I get to go really fast.
Capillaries are the thinnest blood vessel. When I deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body, I pick up waste and carbon dioxide. I travel through the capillaries for this job. When I come back, I go to the veins and back to the heart again.
I get nutrients here and carry them into the bloodstream through capillaries where I head to the liver.
Small Intestine
An Ordinary Day in My Life
The Liver
The liver gets the nutrients that I'm carrying ready to go to the rest of the body.

The Kidneys
I take waste that I get to the kidneys so they can get it out of the body.

The Brain
The brain is a little bit demanding. It is always insisting that we bring oxygen and nutrients so it can keep the body running.

Muscles need nutrients for the body to keep working the way it is supposed to.
The End

Hi! My name is Bob the red blood cell. I am going to show you what my life is like. I have a hard job that is important for the body.
When I enter the heart through the superior vena cava, I go into the right atrium. Valves pump and open up so that I can move into the right ventricle. (This is the cardiac muscle pumping.) After that, I get pushed out of the heart into the lungs by another valve. The pathway I take to go out of the heart to the lungs is called the pulmonary artery. Let me tell you, the heart works very hard!
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