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Personalized Learning in Small Rural Schools

Leveraging Technology for Blended Teaching and Learning


on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Personalized Learning in Small Rural Schools

Why are we interested in
blended learning? In a blended learning model, we can...
Leverage technology to personalize learning for students (Grades 6-12)
Leverage human resources to implement CCSS and pathways to results
Leverage policy to provide both online and classroom inquiry project-based instruction
Future Possibilities
for Small Rural Districts Engaged Blended Learning Schools

Effective Use of Human and Fiscal Resources

Empowering Students and Families with Personalized Learning Opportunities for seamless transitions to College and Careers
Western CUSD No. 12
Clay City CUSD No. 10 Blended Learning
Small Rural Districts How can we leverage
technology and human resources? What policy flexibility is needed to provide blended learning? New Pedagogy: Blended learning provides both online curriculum (Edgenuity) with computer adaptive assessments (MAP) and inquiry project-based classroom learning in small groups.
Educators' Role: Blended learning provides progress monitoring for online instruction, intervention as needed to ensure progress, and inquiry/application lessons. WHY WHAT HOW Instructional minutes in a blended learning model must be flexible in order to ...
utilize online Edgenuity curriculum for personalized learning
utilize human resources to implement STEM learning exchanges for pathways
utilize time and attendance to maximize college and career readiness
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