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Oligarchy Government-NMM

No description

Cedar International School

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Oligarchy Government-NMM

Oligarchy Government Oligarchy Oligarchy is a form of government which is ruled by few people, and those few people are usually rich and powerful. These people are not always men. They could be women. If the women are not part of the group they may appear in groups of aristocrats. Even if they are not members they will usually tell their sons or husbands, if they are part of the group, what to do. There are two types of oligarchy, caste and elected. If it is a caste oligarchy, then you inherit the role from your parents. If it is an elected oligarchy it is basically the same thing as a democracy, they both elect their leaders. South Africa
Soviet Union
United States of America (opinion) List of Countries that use Oligarchy South Africa is located on the
very south tip of Africa on the map (South Africa). South Africa has three capitals: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.
Its population is 51,770,560 (2011)! This is what the South African flag looks like: Information About South Africa South Africa Oligarchies are generally bad for the poor.
If you are poor you are unpopular. If you are rich you are popular, no matter how hard you work.
Education is not very good, most children would not have a proper education because their parents can't afford to send them to school.
There are very low job opportunities because the economics, depending on the members of the Oligarch, are usually low.
There are fewer opportunities for the common people. Negative Impacts With Oligarchies By:NMM
Special thanks to MJB who gathered some of the information that will be seen throughout this presentation. The members of an oligarch don't force anyone into the military.
The members of an oligarchy work together to be more efficient.
All genders are treated fairly.
In some circumstances the government lets their people have a say in the decisions that will be made. Positive Impacts with Oligarchy We both think that oligarchy governments are extremely
unfair. We think everyone in the community should be
able to have a say in the government rich or poor.There is a
lot of human inequality in oligarchy government and we disagree with that. The members of an oligarch shouldn't be based on how rich and important they are, it should be based on how trustful and responsible they are. We do agree that
oligarchies should only have a few people ruling. There is also not a lot of gender inequality, we think that is fair.
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