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Torture methods used in the Holocaust

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Taylor Ne

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Torture methods used in the Holocaust

“The Nazis did not start World War II with a plan to eliminate the Jews. This solution evolved—especially from 1939 to 1941—as they tried different techniques to accomplish their goals.” The first camps in Germany were established soon after Hitler became chancellor.

Who was behind the Camps?
The End
Images of Concentration Camps
There were many torture devices used such as:
gas chambers
the racks which stretch people
the iron boot
the bastinado which the jews were hung by their feet and then beaten
Torture Devices
Torture in the Concentration Camps
There were many types of torture in the concentration camps . This torture was both physical and mental. Examples of physical abuse would be the Nazi's kicking and beating the jews and using the torture devices on them. An example of mental torture would be the knowing your going to die but not knowing when or where.
What types of experiments were used on the jews?
People were put into pressure chambers, tested with drugs, castrated, frozen to death, twin experiments, sex changes, and exposed to other ordeals.
Torture in the Holocaust
By: Taylor Newton

We learned that the human body freezes to death at 25 degrees Celsius. We also discovered what types of antibiotics would cure battlefield wounds, how much pain a single man could stand, and how to reheat a man once he has become frozen out on the front lines.
What did we learned from these experiments?
All body hair was shaven off and the people were dusted with a chemical disinfectant to kill lice. The camps were infested in lice. The jews got little food and worked all day making them grow weaker until you could not work any more so they killed you.They slept on long wooden planks crammed together with no room. Dead bodies were taken and burned. There was an outbreaks of disease such as dysentery and typhus.

What happened in the camps.
This a slide show of what really happened in the Concentration camps.

Torture and Experiments
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