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FCE Stories

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Christina Tineo

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of FCE Stories

The Stories of FCE
Meal Counts
US Hunger has sent out over 10 million meals nationwide

We have provided over 100,000 meals for Oklahoma after the devastating tornadoes in 2013.
Feeding Children Everywhere
Healthy Meals for Hungry Children
Don Campbell
To date, we have fed 4.1 million
kids right here in the US!
As a result of past events in his life, Don Campbell, founder of Feeding Children Everywhere, became the man of the house at an early age. Acting as the family chef since he was ten years old, he began inviting people to share in his love of food and fellowship at the dinner table, and has continued this trend ever since.

When Don and his wife Kristen realized how big of an impact a simple meal could make on the community, they sparked an idea that would lead to more than they ever imaged possible.

That night, sitting around the kitchen table,
the movement began.
Orlando, FL
Social Charity
Empower and Mobilize
Healthy Meals for Hungry Children
Feeding Children Everywhere is a social charity that empowers and mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry children.
Six Veggies:
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Natural Carbohydrates
Energize and Activate
Himalayan Salt
Purest salt in the world
One of the most expensive
Has 84 trace minerals
Not iodized
Many healthy benefits
Super food!
Great source of protein
Also packed with fiber and iron
Heather Yoreo
NE Regional Manager
Heather and Kevin Yoreo traveled from Connecticut to Ethiopia to adopt their son, Elyas. After seeing the impact that a healthy meal left on a hungry child, they were inspired to give back.
Kevin Yoreo
NE Event Logistics
Hartford, CT
In September 2012, Heather and Kevin Yoreo brought the movement to the Northeast and opened our very first regional office!
Los Angeles, CA
Nick Holst and his wife Marisa helped spread the movement across the country to the West Coast!

Peter Marshall, a professional swimmer with a passion for helping others, heard about the mission and enthusiastically joined the team!
est. 2013
est. 2012
For FCE, it soon became apparent that the movement was picking up a lot of traction on the West Coast, and talk of adding a Los Angeles office began.

In early 2013, Nick Holst, looking to get involved in a call-to-action organization, contacted FCE about hosting a Hunger Project with his church.

In March 2013, nearly a week after the event he and his church hosted, Nick and Peter Marshall opened up FCE’s West Coast Office in Los Angeles, California.
60 Minutes
Don Campbell sat down one evening to watch TV. To his surprise 60 minutes was featuring a piece on hunger in the United States. There was something that really took his breath away, the episode was about hungry kids in his hometown, Sanford, FL.
Ending US Hunger
Love Local provided over 4 million meals to local schools, churches, families, and food pantries within the first year!

The Feeding Children Everywhere Staff rallied together and formed their new goal, to end US hunger!

This began the next chapter for FCE and revamped Love Local.
Love Local
This triggered an idea in Don's mind and refueled the passion in his heart.

Soon after the 60 minutes episode, Feeding Children Everywhere launched a new initiative, Love Local.

Love Local focused on providing food to hungry children in the United States.
Open Door Haiti is Feeding Children Everywhere's first international partner. They are dedicated to creating a better life for the people of Haiti.
As their partner, FCE stepped up to the plate to provide food for Haiti. Because of our meals, Open Door Haiti was able to redirect funds to build a school which holds over 1,000 students that are able to eat the FCE meal everyday!
Open Door Haiti does more than provide food!They go above and beyond to bring in doctors, dentists and compassionate people to provide them an opportunity for education, healthy living, love, and hope.
Allison McKenzie
Organizational Development Intern
Lovemitha is a young girl we met on our trip to Haiti who receives our meals.

Anderson and
Ander Lee
Anderson and Ander Lee are twin orphans from Haiti that were blessed with the opportunity to receive support from Open Door Haiti. Now they attend the school that was built by Open Door Haiti.
"I saw FCE's mission full circle. FCE provided so many meals to Open Door Haiti that they were able to redirect their food funds to build a school. This gave Anderson and Andrew Lee full stomachs, friendship, school, love and opportunity."
Kara Spence
VP of Operations
In early 2012, Heather read a blog post from a friend she met while in Ethiopia about a Feeding Children Everywhere Hunger Project she had attended.
Curious to get involved, Heather contacted Don and asked Feeding Children Everywhere to do a Hunger Project at their church in Connecticut.
After falling in love with Feeding Children Everywhere and inspired to do more, the Yoreos opened FCE's first regional office in Hartford, CT in 2012.

If 1/4 of the US gave one quarter for every meal they ate, we
could provide enough meals for every child
in America to have
one healthy meal for 288 days of the year!
Hunger is Linked to "Lower Academic Achievement"
Hungry children are more likely to stay home from school sick and are 31% more likely to be hospitalized due to sickness
When children have access to healthy meals
they have a "higher academic achievement" rate
they are more likely to receive a high school degree
and they have a higher potential to earn more as an adult
The USDA has labeled 17.9 million American households "food insecure", we like to think of it as HUNGER.

This means that 50 million people are hungry. Of those 50 million people, 17 million children.

Hunger is a condition that is associated with diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity and pregnancy complications.
In 2012, 31.6 million children were enrolled in The National School Lunch Program funded by the US Government.
est. 2011
Feeding Children Everywhere is proud to have sent healthy meals to hungry children in:

Dominican Republic
South Africa
Through our Intern Program and her connection with Open Door Haiti, Allison's family is adopting Judette, a girl from Haiti that her family fell in love with. “I realized that the work we’re doing is directly helping feed Judette until she comes to the U.S. and that is really incredible.”

- Allison
Feeding Children Everywhere has sent millions of meals around the world!
Over 10 million meals have been sent to hungry children in 25 different states around the US!
Our goal at Feeding Children Everywhere is that every child in the world will have sustainable access to food by 2020.
There are 870 million people hungry in the world right now.
Welcome to the movement where we will end world hunger TOGETHER!
International Relations: Open Door Haiti
Our Mission
Mobilization Begins....
The Feeding Children Everywhere meal is natural and organic, and filled with vitamins and minerals to keep children healthy, full, and strong.
We provide the tools and products to package the meals that are sent to hungry children all around the world. All we need are loving hands and an hour of a Hunger Hero's time to package the meals before they are sent out.
Feeding Children Everywhere focuses on people helping people through acts of service, such as our Hunger Projects.
"Climb aboard and we will make a diference on this planet together, and have a great time doing it!" - Don
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