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Marmaray Project

No description

nora cool

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Marmaray Project

1.4 km earthquake-proofed immersed tube
11 sections
weight: 180.000 tons
60m below sea level (5m under the earth)

Uprgading and Extending
Existing Railsystem Marmaray Tunnel Marmaray Project Tecnical Facts Tecnical Facts Challanges Effects upgrade of 63 km of suburban train lines
European side: 19.3 km
Asian side:43.4 km

Max. peak capacity per hour per direction:
Existing commuter rail: 10.000 passengers
Upgraded commuter rail:75.000 passengers Creation of a 76.3 km high-capacity line
between Gebze and Halkalı the world's deepest undersea tube tunnel Environment seismic problems historical heritage closing of railwaystations
at station of Yenikapı a historical habour has been found
historical buildings negativ effects during construction
vibration high risk of earthquake
tunnel has to resist an earthquake of 9
invention of admixture reduce of air polution increase of capacity, reliability, accessibility, punctuality, safety reduce of travel time long-term solution to the current urban transportation problems of Istanbul
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