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Interesting Facts about Egypt!!!!!!!

No description

M2K Kids

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Interesting Facts about Egypt!!!!!!!

Interesting Facts about Egypt!!!!!!!
One of the Pharaohs was Pepi 11. He became King at 6 years old. Pepi 11 was not nice at all. Pepi would take away peoples close and smeer honey on them to keep the flies away from him. That is a little about Pepi.
Ramses was the greatest Pharoah occording to the Egyptians. He had 8 wives and 100 kids. (44 girls and 56 boys.) Ramses also wanted to kill any boy under 3 that was an isrolite. they killed every baby exept 1, Moses. Moses grew up in Ramses palace. then found out he was an Isrolite and over powered Ramses and his son Ramses 11. Than he led the Isrolites out of Egypt to the promised land. that is about Ramses and Moses.
Some interesting Facts about Egypt.
Egypt's population in 2012 was 83,688,164 people. The most popular sport in Egypt is football. ( also known as soccer.) Did you know that an Egyptian father had a Daughter named Facebook. That is why "Facebook" is called " Facebook.
This is a statue of Pepi 11
Ramses and Moses!!!!!!
Moses than led his people out of Egypt.
Egypt's most popular Fashion Item
Egypt's most popular fashion item is a fly swatter. they are made of giraffe tales.
Gods and Godesses
The Egyptians believe lots of things but one thing is that they believe that the god Thoth invented writting. they also think that they where made from the god Khnum with clay in the Nile. Hippos there are considered bad omens and are associated with the evil god Seth. that is a little about Egypt.
Slaves were not treated right they wiped 20 times for walking to slow and can be put to death if they dont worship there gods. Pharoahs were always burried in tombs with there slaves dead or alive.
Thank You for watching my presentation about Egypt!!!
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