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Dare to Dream: Life as ONE DIRECTION


Alex Garcia

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Dare to Dream: Life as ONE DIRECTION

By: One Direction Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction Plot Summary: This book is about the lives of the five boys who make up the band One Direction. It talks about their personal life and their life changing experiences. Setting and Impact: There are a lot of different settings in this, including the X Factor stage, and the boys homes.
It takes place from 2010 - 2012. Harry Styles: Harry is the youngest in the band. He is 18 yrs. old, and is from Homes Chapel, Cheshire, England. He used to love singing as a child, and his favorite color is orange. Niall Horan: Niall is the second youngest.He is currently 19 yrs. old, and is from Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. He is the only Irish one in the group and his favorite color is blue. Liam Payne: Liam was born in Wolver Hampton, West Midlands, England. and is 19 yrs. old. As a child he was bullied in school and took up boxing lessons, his favorite color is purple. Zayn Malik: Zayn is 19 yrs. old, and is from West Lane, Bradford, England. He often refers to himself as a "bradford bad boy" and his favorite color is red. Louis Tomlinson: Louis is the oldest of the group. He is 20 yrs. old and is from Don Caster, South Yorkshire, England. He is the prankster of the group and loves to have fun. His favorite color is red. "It's hard to believe how much has changed for us in just a few months. From five guys who didn't know each other to making it to The X Factor final, heading off on our first tour, recording our first album, and releasing our own music, we've written this book so you can get to know who we really are, where we came from, and where we're going next."
-Louis Tomlinson I do recommend this book only to the fans of 1D. If your not a fan then you won't like it, because it really goes into depth about their personal life, and what there plans are for the future of the band. The climax of the story would have to be when all five boys were eliminated from the X Factor. The resolution would be when Simon Cowell decided to put them together as a band.
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