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scocial studys

No description

andrew burgin

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of scocial studys

Mayans Mayan civilzation coverd what is now Belize, Guatemala. Most land is forest and mountains. Believe in different customs and beliefs. Main crop was corn. Mayan men wore plain white cotton clothing so did women. Aztecs Dominatied Mexico. 100,000 people formed a alince and attack Mexico. Ten million people lived in the Aztec Empire. The Aztec's home was a great city called Tenochtitlan. 1519 the man called Montezuma rulied the Aztecs. Montezuma was the leader for seventeen years. Believed in many gods. The Aztec,Mayan and Inca history By:Me- Andrew Burgin May, 1521, the aztecs held a religious festival. Incas Five hundred years ago, there was an empire in the moutains, ruled by people called the Incas. The word Inca means "lord". Language called Quechua. SIx million Quechuha speakers. Learned how to weave and how to build roads, and bridges. The empire was called the " Sape Inca". Belives in many gods. The incas ruled over one of the best organized empires in history. Good builders with stone. THE END
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