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A Separate Peace Literary Devices

LA project

Jordan Hawk

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of A Separate Peace Literary Devices

Literary Devices A Separate Peace Who tells the story? Gene is the narrator, therefore he is the one telling the story. Foreshadowing Flashback The flashback occurs when Gene goes over to the Devon School Academy and walks by "The Tree" where Finny got jounced off the limb. By seeing the tree, Gene goes into a state of memory and into the past showing that he went into a flashback. Gene then starts to explain throughout the book what happened and what he felt as he tells the story of being at Devon. All his memory from the flashback started the story. Point of View The story is told in first person point of view. Who's point of view is the story told in? Some Videos that show flashback!! http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=218442 Is the narrator reliable? The narrator is not reliable because, we can only see what he is thinking about, and how he feels. In a " Separate Peace" we don't know how other characters are feeling, therefore we can not tell whether he is being 100% honest. We only have one side of the story, so the narrator could not be telling the full truth. One example in the book about foreshadowing is on page 11, it talks about the marble stairs where Finny took his second fall, the fall that practically ended his life. This explanation of the marble staircases tells us that something significant is going to happen near or on these stairs. "A Separate Peace" uses flashback to show the readers that things will change to someone after a long period of time. When Gene goes back to the school after awhile, he goes to the tree. Gene thought of the tree as something great and important, but when he returned, he noticed that the tree was just like any other. There was nothing special to it as he had thought. The book also uses flashback so that the narrator can reflect on his past life. That way the narrator can reflect on his past thoughts and feelings. Foreshadowing Videos for point of view!! http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=17685 Make sure to double click on the URL!! :) On page 42, Finny says in dialogue something that foreshadows an event. It is when he and Gene are at the pool, and they were talking about the swimming record. Finny had asked "You mean that record has been up there the whole time we've been at Devon and nobody's busted it yet?" This foreshadowed that Finny is going to do something about that, since it had been an insult, and he ends up beating the school record by .7 seconds. How would the story change if it was told by Finny' s point of view? If Finny told the story, we think the story would be more intense and emotional, because we would be able to see how Finny was feeling. Also know what's going on inside of him and see how he is dealing with his injury. But, if we only knew Finny' s perspective we would lose Gene's side and his thoughts when he is making his actions. When Gene jounced the limb we would not know why until much later in the book, and that would create suspense. How would the story have changed if it was told in present tense? Foreshadowing If the story was told in present tense instead of past tense, the story would be more suspenseful, because the the characters would not know what is even going to happen. I think Gene may be even more emotionally unstable, and the story wouldn't be told so maturely. On the other hand if it was told presently, then we might have been told more accurate synopsis' of the story not just how he remembers it 15 years later. On page 17, Gene gives a hint about how he's going to start feeling about Finny. Gene thinks to himself, "Why did I let Finny talk me into stupid things like this? Was he getting some kind of hold over me?" This foreshadows the fact that Gene starts to hate Finny and tries to be more accomplished than him, and to when he impulsively jounced the tree limb just to see Finny fail at something Literary Devices
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