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Hansiscool c

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of hansiscool@icloud.com

internet safety
what is cyber bulling
what is lmirl
lets meat in real life
what is nin... The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

2.What is the basic rule of netiquette?
Dount give off information that is gonna lose your privacy

3.What should you do with emails from people you don't know? Bloke theme
socil networking
1.What is a social network website? Like facebook that you can share things on

2.Give two social network website examples. Facebook twitter

3.What is one good thing about social networking?

4.Why should you be careful about what types of photos you post? For example, why would it be bad to post a photo of yourself wearing a school t-shirt? b/c it tells where you are

private stuff
1.Name 4 examples of private information that should not be posted or given out. Emal if you are home alown Name address

2.What kind of information is okay to give out over the internet? Screen name

3.If you ever get involved in a chat room conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable or in danger for any reason, what should you do? Tell adoult bloke them

4.What should you do if someone online asks you to meet him or her in person? Tell him that I got to do something tonight no what does LMIRL stand for? Lets meat in real life

Topic 6
Topic 7
cyber bulling is when somebody is bulling you over the internet
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