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Distributed Scrum and Agile

How to create an optimal balance and maximize the outcome

Mads Troels Hansen

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Distributed Scrum and Agile

Distributed Scrum and Agile Some References Team
Structures Scrum in
Envirorment Global
Foundation 10
Pitfalls @madsth blog.lean-agile.dk dk.linkedin.com/in/MadsTroelsHansen How to create an optimal balance and maximize VALUE Agile Coach / QA Manager Not enough Speaking/Writing in English Try: corkboard.me Hard for the team to be a team Hard for the PO to lead the Product Vision Global Facilitation Global
Team Vision and Business Value Global
Events Global
Artifatcs Try: Google spreadsheet Doing requirement handowers, not doing validated conversation Virtual Test Environments, ie TFS LAB Product Owner Development Team Scrum Master Grooming Scrum Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective Definion of Done Distributed Team collaborate to create it Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Sprint Progress Product Increment Most value with long term managed teams Problem: Not working well together Problem: Low collaboration in Scrum Team Problem: Using too much time "creating solutions" Problem: Just 3 questions with no problems Problem: Not constructive feedback Problem: Just a long list of User Stories Managed using a board, virtual/physical (syncronised) Shorter Sprints OCS (Lynx) Delegate all management to an outsourcing company and not having global alignment. Global
Collaboration Global
Communication Global Infrastructure Skype Don't: Start controlling and assigning tasks as a traditional PM Don't: Stop doing grooming! Define á Sprint Goal See people in distributed teams more as resources than highly qualified knowledge workers Trying to standardize and simplify everything The Cynefin Framework A sense-making model SM PO Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global Global End2End life cycle management, ie. TFS Global Global Global Short term project thinking mindset for the distributed work with high WIP Not having global tools in place Not doing Gemba Walks! VIDEO! Challenge Challenge Don't: Start doing controling status Use shared task board Don't: Stop invite customers for review Don't: Stop doing it. Change it, learn other techniques Use other formats for
Grooming and Planning Commulitative Flow Diagram Problem: Product Vision Don't: Write more documents Innovation Games Don't: Do more controlling and follow up User Story Mapping Feature Injection Typical
Story Outsourcing the hiring process of new people Meeting Rooms Each personal PC Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Pitfall Distributed Patterns http://blog.lean-agile.dk/2011/06/22/offshore-patterns/ http://blog.lean-agile.dk/2011/06/22/offshore-patterns/ Try Try Prepare Scrum meetings more Do shorter Sprints Don't: Increase focus on technical disciplines Try Create a Virtual Window Improve DoD for Sprint Rotate team members between locations Try Focus Grooming based on a "Definition of Ready" Problem: Too much process discussion Try Use collaboration tools
+ DoD for US and Sprint Use recommended Scrum planning agenda Try Visualise problems and ALL work Ask for help in the team Try Ask customers to explain how the functionality will be used What you don't know you don't know Problem: Not getting into the root cause Try Do onsite retrospectives Create shared board with improvement actions Try Don't: Try only to group the backlog User Story Mapping Feature Injection Problem: Focusing on disciplines not Stories Try Try Problem: Don't know where we are? Try Problem: Too much time for stabilizing Shorter release cycles Continuously talk in team about quality Team-vote about Quality Cynefin
http://ale2011.eu/2011/10/04/ale2011-keynote-dave-snowden/ Some more about Distributed Patterns This presentation Typical Team Structures Facilitate Team Agreements mth@lean-agile.dk Not focus on quality in every step Pitfall http://blog.lean-agile.dk/presentations/p2012/
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