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How to Write a Teacher LoR

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Hector Leon

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of How to Write a Teacher LoR

Quick Overview
Know the candidate
How do you know the student?
Provide relevant information
Obtain resume or Brag Sheet
Personalize the letter
Proof Read the letter
Know deadlines
Save the letter

Transcripts tell only one side of a student's potential...

A Letter of Rec should show the student as a
Whole Person!
Know the candidate
Sounds obvious...but you need to know the student. Really!!!

How can you write for someone that you know little about?

A letter written for
candidates with a vague
familiarity are often
identifiable and can do
more harm than good!
How do you know the student?
How do you know the candidate? or in other words,
in what capacity?

The length of time you have known that student

Provide relevant information
Be sure to find out the student's interests, major or
intended field of study as as to provide relevant information...

Obtain a resume/Brag Sheet
Obtain student's resume with a listing of his/her GPA, activities, awards, leadership roles, community service, employment experience

The more info you have about the student, the more constructive your recommendation can be.

Personalize the letter
It is important to determine the person to whom the letter should be addressed. if the student is unaware of the name, the letter may begin:
Beware! Teacher's Letters of Recommendations ahead
IC3 Regional Conference
March 25th, 2017

Letters of recommendation are
very Important!
"Dear Selection Committee:"

Proof read the letter
A letter containing grammatical errors
will appear unprofessional and may
leave a
negative impression
Submission of the letter
Naviance/ E-docs

Please DONOT hand the letter in any way, type or form to the student!

They have been advised to waive their right to read their LoR's

If University finds out student read it, it makes it invalid!
Determine deadlines
double check with student
ideally you have been given adequate time to complete a positive, detailed letter, however the most important detail is that is received before the application deadline!

that ED and EA will be pushing in hard -- about only 4 weeks after kids are back in school and that places like Georgia Tech, and UNC Chapel Hill are due October 15th



Have a complete list of the student's school and extracurricular activities, as well as know their

hopes and dreams and aspirations

" I got in!!!"
As the number of applications continues to increase every year, the need for students to stand out from the competition is also increasing.

Thus, tailoring each letter is a PLUS!
When you write a
make sure to include:
If the Rec. is a supplement, discuss how student is an appropriate candidate
The Overall goal of a
is to attest the capabilities and character of the candidate.

Geeta Jayanth
& Hector A. Leon

Hearing the :
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