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Advantages of the Rhode Island Colony for immigrants in 1750

This Prezi will explain the advantages for immigrants in 1750 when moving to a place we now know called Rhode Island

Kaelyn Whiteisde

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Advantages of the Rhode Island Colony for immigrants in 1750

Rhode Island:
America's Mini Paradise Physical Attraction Political Environment Economic Opportunities THANK YOU! The Rhode Island colony is located North & South of the Atlantic Ocean, there you can supply water for yourself as well as for crops.The main physical attractions of Rhode Island are definitely their many bodies of water that include the rivers: Blackstone, Pawtuxet, Providence, Sakonnet, Jerimoth, and Narragansett being its most major feature. Also, its multiple capes and islands, beaches, and bays serve as great attractions as well. Anyone in Rhode Island could participate in it's goverment. The only thing about this is that there were rules citizens had to abide by in order to vote. Rules such only land owning white men could vote. The white masters in Rhode Island allowed enslaved Africans to have an election day where they could vote for governors. Rhode Island, is one of the few colonies that could elect its own government. Religion didnt really play a role in Rhode Island politics hence it is a safe haven for people of any religion. Many resources were made in Rhode Island. Resources such as molasses, rum, and leather, supplied the colony and trading. Colonists would buy things like fur to then go and trade them with Europeans for things like glass tools, spices, bibles, clothes, and guns. Most people in Rhode Island grow their food, and this is how they make a living, as well as fishers earning their living off of fishing. By: Kaelyn Whiteside Religious Freedom Rhode Island was the perfect place to come for religious freedom. Many different people of various religions came here because of this. They were able to practice any kind of religion they wanted without being accused by officials of anything. The amount of religious freedom served as a plus for the immigrants to Rhode Island. Cultural Advantages Cultural advantages of Rhode Island were specifically its views on religious freedom. Since the role of men and women stayed the same and was common, this also can be looked at as an advantage of the colony. Men would grow crops, fish, and sometimes even build their families homes. Women cooked, cleaned, and raised the children. Ethnic Diversity Specific religions like Congregationalist, Baptist, Anglican, and Quakers settled here, and eventually more. These various religious groups were all due to the colonies acceptance of religion. Other people that settled here included the Indians, whom lived here in peace. Along with white settlers and white slave masters with their slaves. Educational Opportunities Educational opportunities here varied. Most of the time children didnt have time to go to school because they were working, helping out their families. Since the role of men and women were the same, girls were only taught to read, while boys were only taught how to add and subtract. This teaching of the basics were taught at home. Rhode Island is the only colony that didnt pass a law for public schools. The children were taught what they knew from the comfort of their homes.
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