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Road Map Project-2014

No description

Hannah Stephens

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Road Map Project-2014


Hi, My name is Hannah Nicole Stephens. I'm going to share some of my milestones, within my life.
I was born April 29th, 2000 to Walter and April Stephens (age 0)
Sydnee, my little sister, was born on January 7th, 2004 (age 4)
Enrolled at Desoto Private School in 2004 (age 4)
Join Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, Troop #2244 in 2006 (age 6)
Inducted into Desoto Private School's BETA club in 2011 (age 11)
Graduated Desoto Private School as Salutatorian in 2012 (age 12)
Chosen as Desoto Private School's Junior Ms. Desoto Private School in 2011 (age 11)
Chosen as Desoto Private's Ms. Desoto Private School in 2011 (age 12)
Inducted into Bessie Coleman Middle School's National Junior Honor Society in 2014 (age 14)
England, Great Britain
Paris, France
Florence and Rome, Italy
Recipient of the Girl Scout Silver Award in 2014 (age 14)
Applied, Accepted and Enrolled into Cedar Hill Collegiate High School and Cedar Valley College in 2014 (age 14)
Fill out scholarships for college during 2016-2018 (age 16-18)
Hoped you enjoyed!
Thank you for your time.

Start drawing up business and financial plan for clinic in 2027 (age 27)
Take SAT and ACT in 2016 (age 16)
Get accepted into Southern Methodist University in 2017 (age 17)
Graduate Collegiate with High School diploma and Cedar Valley College with Associate Degree in 2018 (age 18)
Graduate SMU with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in 2022 (age 22)
Apply, accepted and enrolled in Harvard Medical School in 2022 (age 22)
Intern for two years at a pediatric clinic during 2022- 2024 (age 22-24)
Graduate Harvard Medical School with Doctorate Degree in pediatrics in 2026 (age 26)
At age 12, in 2013, I traveled to...
Apply for financial aid in 2017 (age 17)
Apply to top ten choice colleges: UARK, SMU, UTA, etc. in 2017 (age 17)















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