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Children and Schooling in the 1920's

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Hannah LeSouder

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Children and Schooling in the 1920's

Children and Schooling in the 1920's Schooling Children Education became the focus in the 1920's. More people could get better paying jobs because more money was available to go to school. School Sports The increase in education also increased the participation in sports such as swimming, tennis, golf, and horseback riding that became part of college sports programs. College With the increase in the wealth of the middle class, more young men and women could afford to go to college to train for better jobs.
Transportation to School Transportation methods:
-riding horses
-taking trams Punishment Back in 1920's the punishment was more strick then today but only so make the students into better people.

Boys would get coved (hit) if they did any thing wrong and the girls would write out lines. Typical School Day School days were five days a week for 6 hours a day. School days included a variety of classes Toys Games Sports Some popular children's games were - hopscotch, marbles, hide and seek, egg and spoon races, the sack races, and three legged races.

Kids of this era played almost as many sports as they played games. Teams were assembled to play basketball, tennis, and cricket. Children enjoyed to play marbles and jacks .

Boys would play with toy rifles and guns
Girls would play with dolls

Much like today there was a huge variety of toys including Clockwork Toys, Planes, Trucks, Tractors, Buses, Power Boats, Trains, Steam Engines etc. THE END Over the years, children's toys have continued to change. Children in the 1920's would play with simple toys and played many imaginary games. Technology has improved and has allowed toys and dolls to be more realistic. Sports continue to be a big part of child entertainment.

Children enjoyed to play simple card games -cops and robbers
-cowboys and indians Some schools even had sports days. A number of schools had both interschool sports and intraschool sports. Interschool sport were played against other schools, including baseball, running, and athletics. Intraschool sports were played inside the school.
Boys often played early versions of baseball or other games such as cricket and handball. Sometimes kids used an old can and played kick the can. Girls were more likely to jump rope and play hopscotch and invented songs and rhymes to accompany their games.
Organized sports included baseball, basketball, football, and boxing. By, Kennedy and Hannah L. :D Kids would play with anything
they could find. They had great imaginations and love to have fun.
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