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United Kingdom

No description

Marcus Sciarra

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of United Kingdom

Double click anywhere & add an idea UK flag UK map History: The term 'United Kingdom' was first used when Ireland joined the union in 1801. There were quite a few wars in the UK. Hitler, Wayne Rooney. UK population: 61,414,062.


Music had composers, folk music and dance music.
Stories include: Cameron: UK poll needs 'decisive result',
Mortgage approvals rise by 20pc, Clegg grilled over Brown support. UK food includes: Salmon Kedgeree (British-Indian Salmon), Lemon Curd, Haggis, and Cornish Pasties.
Religion: Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism. Language: English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Lowland Scots, Cornish, Irish. Sports and hobbies include: association football, Gaelic games, 3D Modelling, Martial Arts.


Every year, tourism is very important to the whole UK.

UK products: Software & Resources, Training, Accessories & Spares.

UK main government: monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

UK economy money: Pound sterling


Land: farms and estates, country homes,
equestrian, horticulture, leisure, rural business.

Climate: wettest and windiest.

Capital of UK: London, England.

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