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Anna Winter

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of VOLLEYBALL

Step by Step
Volleyball is a sport that requires 2 teams of
6 people. 1 team on each side in which the players use
their hands to bat the ball back and forth until the ball
hits the ground. The ball is allowed to be touched
3 times before it returns to the opposite side. The
the team that hits the volleyball to the ground the
most is the winner.
*thumbs crossed. Do not cross thumbs, this could cause injury.
*do not hit ball with fists. the ball is to come in contact with forearm
*do not swing arms. this causes the ball to go out of control
*not following the ball with arms
*not squaring up to target
Common Mistakes:
Ways to improve
practicing passing is simple, bumping the ball to yourself for a while is a easy way to practice. You can also practice by passing the ball towards a wall then passing it
until you mess up. You can also alternate between passing and setting to yourself. Ways I like to practice is passing with someone back and forth or passing against the wall
Step 1) Get in ready position
Step 2) Create a flat surface with your forearms
Step 3) Square up to the direction of the ball
Step 4) Push through your legs to push up the ball
Step 5) Hit the ball with both arms
Step 6) Pass the ball
Step 7) Keep your eye on the ball after you pass it

my brain
Coach Callan
evaluation of pass
her legs weren't bent enough
her arms created a flat surface
she followed through
she squared up to target

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