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My Son The Murderer

No description

Baylea Karas

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of My Son The Murderer

My Son The Murderer
Basically the dad, Leo is always checking on his son, Harry and always spys on him, he's worried about him. Harry is 22 years old and graduated from college but doesn't want a job so he lives with his parents, he also is a really emotional guy, but he keeps his emotions bottled up inside, so he comes off really mean to his dad.
Author: Bernard Malamud
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Dakota County Library
Definition: A person portrayed in a novel, short story or play. There can be different types of characters, for example, protagonist or antagonists characters.
All the characters are pretty much static characters. The mom isn't in the story that much, she is just mentioned briefly just like his sister was.
Characters continued
The dad stays the same loving dad that is concerned about his son, and Harry stays the same quiet, rude, and misunderstood guy for the whole story, even when he probably knows his dad cares for him, but thats just what i would infer.
Character Quote
"Is it your health sonny?" "Maybe you ought to go to the doctor?" "I asked you not to call me by that name any more, its not my health, whatever it is I dont want to talk about it." (Malamud 505)
Point of View
Definition: The attitude or outlook of a narrator or character in a piece of literature, a movie, or another art form.
I would say the story has limited omniscient point of view, because you dont really know what the characters are feeling, mostly Harry. You don't really know why he is angry with his dad throughout the story.
Point of View Quote
"I rememeber when we weren't afraid to show we loved eachother." He says nothing. (Malamud 507) Throughout the whole story you are wondering about Harry, and why he acts the way he does.
Definition: The events that make up the story, like a sequence.
The plot makes sense but at the end of the story, you don't really know what the whole point was, there wasn't really an ending, I felt like the story wasnt finished, because it just ends with his dad finding him at the beach after he runs away to Coney Island.
Plot Quote
"My father listens in the hallway." "He follows me in the street." "We meet at the edge of the water." (Malamud 510)
Definition: An object that refers to an abstract idea apart from serving as an image itself. Citation: "My dear son Harry, open up your door." My son the prisoner. ( Malamud 505)
So the fact that Harry is always in his room by himself, shows that he acts like a prisoner locking himslef up in his room.
Definition: The writer's attitude toward the material.
For the tone, the author made the book very serious. The characters made me feel sympothetic. I felt bad for how lonely Harry was, but then I felt bad for the father, because he kept trying to help Harry, but he wouldn't let him in.
Tone Quote
"Harry we live like strangers, All im saying is I remember better days." "I remember when we weren't afraid to show we loved each other." (Malamud 507) The tone makes the story sad.
Definition: A warning or indication of a future event.
For foreshadowing, since the title is My Son The Murderer, I thought the story was actually going to be about someone's son killing someone, but instead it would just mention his son threatening to kill someone and how he was like a prisoner.
Foreshadow Quote
"I ought to murder you the way you spy on me." "If you do this again don't be surprised if I kill you." (Malamud 509) and his father found a letter written to a girl saying if she writes him another letter, he'll murder her.
The theme is showing that even though Harry went to college and is only 22 years old, that he still has worries. No matter how good someone's life seems, they still can have issues.
The story is good, but not worth recommending because it is very confusing and I felt like there wasn't really an ending to it.
Summary Continued
The story shows no matter how much Harry pushed him away, his dad always stayed beside him.
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