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PDP IT program

London, 2011.05.19 - Ujhegyi Ákos

Rita Abraham

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of PDP IT program

Telekom is a great place to perform and grow Everyday heroes / Be everyday hero! paperbags to visitor at the entrance greenbox to
the visitor's
video CVs youthful, high-tech stand that demonstrated that Magyar Telekom is a 3-screen company the branded foosball table was the most popular More than 200 000 people saw the film that spread across the net www.mindennapihosok.hu Magyar Telekom's employer brand film Microsite of the trailer 5 universities of Hungary Final mission at the Headquarters It was during the university roadshows that we first used, outside of our company, the new presentation technique called prezi.com, which gives you the chance to apply numerous impressive multimedia solutions. The innovative solution developed in the thinktank of by Magyar Telekom, and introduced on the market in the spring. talent pool
communication platform
knowledge transfer
information Hub/Pool
CR - sustainability Focuses screensaver world premier, projection mapping HR Team
of the Year 2009 Most Desired Company 2009
7th among engineering students
5th among economists 2009 3400 visitors on the 5th week from February 2010 “Be a hero of the LAN party!” contest winner video clip It’s based on our employees' feedback, and shows that Telekom people are a lot more committed to their workplace, Magyar Telekom, than the average employee in Hungary. innovation customer focus team of the year Telekom's Family and Sports Day kick-off new dining facilities building bicycle storage places refurbishing fitness facilities Telekom kindergarten technology showroom =
Telepresence „Successful companies are not created by extraordinary people, but people who are capable of extraordinary things!” - said an employee of Magyar Telekom 29.4% of female employees and 25.1% of male employees work in some atypical labor forms (which is much higher than the Hungarian average). Complex mums
program. Aid to Families
Program A new type of encounter with students, as part of which the pizza guy arrives after a 45-minute prezi.com presentation about the company, and discussion is informal, based on questions asked by the students, answered with help from Telekom apprentices. In 2009
98 children in 18 nurseries and kindergartens
425 children in 11 camps Atypical forms of labor. Phone Internet TV Phone Mobile internet Mobile TV UC Desktop & Apps Mobility Most Desired Company 2009 We help people starting their careers by an apprenticeship program. 3 068 685 (68.9%) 1 767 000 (35.5%) 118% (43.4%) 933 000 (45.9%) 2 974 000 (25.8%) Renewal of the gym of Óbuda University The gym is used by hundreds of students of 5 faculties. Our collegues were involved in the voluntary work, together with the partnering students associations. People strategy of Magyar Telekom 2011-15 100 000 visitors in one week
6155 visitors at Telekom’s virtual stand
603 CVs
7th most visited stand
3rd most job applications uploaded Unusual book launch Johnny Bunk unusual book launch with Telekom interns at the HVG job fair Book promotion on Facebook Sharing posts and links on the „I will be an intern at Telekom!” Facebook page Book promotion similar to the Facebook – video report (videocv) Video reports: How does the book relate to your own life?
Addressed to: 1. student 2. student who already works (intern) 3. someone who switched jobs at Telekom
Videó: Johnny Bunk és Madách Professional lectures at Óbuda University by Telekom speakers
Topics: based on Iaeste online questionnaire survey
Invitation: Iaeste fb + I will be an intern at Telekom fb page
Bonus event for most interested students (10-15 students): CTO, István Maradi introduces the Network Management Center
Online game on the I will be an intern at Telekom fb page – reward: one-week pass to the Campus music festival
Opinion survey child-friendly office Our life
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