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Kevin's Adventure

Just for fun

Emma Ferguson

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Kevin's Adventure

If a fish really does try to kill you, don't panic! It's not a shark so stop crying Kevin, haven't you ever watched freakin' Nemo? Fish are friends, dumb hole. Just jump over the dang fish and move on with your life, Kevin. Gosh. Not. That. Hard. Sheesh! A fish trying to
kill you isn't even
the start... Vines oh yes The big guy. Finally, Something Good Firstly Let's say this is you.
Your name is Kevin
your dream is to become a cool boy. When you see a vine, summon all of the Mario
and Luigi that is within. When that hits you,
just shimmy on up that vine! Don't shake what your momma gave yah. Jiggle Jiggle. No thanks.
Try to collect the shiny gold coins. Don't get distracted by them to much. They might eat you. Monster Man Giant Here are the gold coins I was telling you about. So Kevin think he can be a cool boy? Once you get over your rainbow of fear. Once you slide over the edge to the other end, a Purple Leprechaun will be waving at you and jumping upand down. He'll probably be chubby and need a man bra. Get over it Kevin. He's giving you coins. Suck it up. If he tries to steal your lucky charms, exclaim "Silly Leprechaun! Trix are for kids!" He'll lay off. Obstacles do occur though.
Especially when your name... is Kevin. Sorry tough luck. When this happens... When you see a vine So if this is what you see...
Don't worry! It's more scared of you than you it.
Just shoot it with your dart gun and run away. If that perhaps doesn't work or something, ram all of you body weight into it's side. Maybe he'll fall. If he doesn't bounce up and down on his tentacles, bite them if needed. Everything will be OK, Kevin... I promise! Ok, I don't promise; but I had you really going there. Ha! BTW don't look directly into his eye. You'll turn to stone, haven't you ever seen Percy Jackson? Here is some Lady bugs. Dump them on his eye. He'll scream! L...O...L... Once you have the coins, you'll be a cool boy. Maybe. Don't forget to buy a bra for that jiggly
leprechaun. He'll *love* it. Just follow the yellow bricks! Everything will be OK. If you see some friends do what Dorothy did when she wanted to be a cool girl. Make friends with them! Gurgle Lurgle Urgle!
Me wanna eat you!
Look at my eye gee bow who too! This was just for fun.
No harsh feelings to Kevins
around the world.
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