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The Crucible

No description

Bre Lampkin

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crucible

What is the HUAC (House Un-American Committee), when did it operate, and what
was its purpose? The Cold War From 1947-1991
Soviet Union (USSR)
No firefights (Cold War)
Communism Fall of McCarthy Wisconsin
Senate 1946
Caused major fear
Accusation Joseph McCarthy McCarthy included in television hearing Welch said "you have no sense of decency" American look at McCarthy as disdain Joe McCarthy censured on Dec. 2 May 2, 1957 McCarthy died of acute hepatitis To investigated disloyalty activity in the U.S. during 1947-1975
First chairman Martin Dies
HUAC pressured witnesses to surrender names
Renamed the House Internal Security Committee
Created of the U.S House of Representatives
Investigated on suppects in a bully fashion. Video!! Paranoid Communist hunt
Publicizing accusations
Communist activity
Red Scare McCarthyism Works Cited Relevance to "The Crucible" Fear of communism compares to fear of witchcraft
Joseph McCarthy represented by the girls
Finger-Pointing Effect
Irony of Arthur Miller being blacklisted
Innocent lives and reputations were tarnished Cold War Salem Witch Trials Compare 1.) American's fear of Communism
2.) McCarthy makes claims without evidence
3.) Fear of being accused of Communism (The House Un-American Activities Committee) HUAC Causes Effects 1.) Salem's fear of witchcraft
2.) Girls make claims without evidence
3.) Fear of being accused of witchcraft Members of organizations with reported communist sympathies.
Careers and reputations
Hollywood McCarthy's Methods/Aims 1.) Red Scare/McCarthy Trials
2.) U.S. becomes hostile
3.) Media does not oppose McCarthy Bre Lampkin, Darian Kighten, Desirae Tullie, Emilo Alcaraz, Luis Ardon. Created by, •Nation wide scare of communists.
•Innocent people were jailed for expressing their views.
The Korean War heightened the Red Scare.
Americans feared the Domino effect of Communism.
President Harry Truman enforced the "Truman Doctrine."
States the U.S. would contain further communist spread. Red Scare Harry Truman Lead the U.S. from World War II into the Cold War
Took the role, but it got outta hand
"Truman Doctrine" - Provide aid to communist countries 1.) Salem Witch Trials
2.) Salem becomes hostile
3.) Townspeople don't oppose the court “McCarthy’s Downfall.” n.p. Web. 25 Sep. 2012.
Hoyt, Alia. "How McCarthyism Works." 15 January 2008. HowStuffWorks.com. Web. 28 September 2012.
“Cold War” A&E n.d.Television Networks. 26 Sep. 2012. Baker III. “Why the Wall Fell.” EBSECOhost. Library Database. Web. 24 Sep 2012.
Lorcher, Trent ”Symbolism in The Crucible.” 21 Dec. 2011. Bright Hub. Web 25 Sep 2012 McCarthism and its relationship with The Crucible Investigation: Communist and Fascist organization
The committee proved to source of political discord
"Blacklisted"-People who did not wish to answer or plead fifth was gulity and put on Blacklisted
HUAC relevance and declined in 1960's
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