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English Study Portfolio

No description

Jordan Nemec

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of English Study Portfolio

To get at an 85% on my English exam on Monday, January 27 at 8:45a.m.
To finish the grade 9 English course, which ends on Monday, January 27, with an average of at least 85%
Personal Well-Being Reflection #1
The only stress related symptoms I had were anxiety and a feeling of pressure leading up to my exams. This is probably because these are going to be my first formal exams and I do have some nerves. I also found though, that even these symptoms were small and only occur, every once in a while. Next, why I chose to do an art activity to relieve stress is, that I find it makes me concentrate on what I'm doing and not on my exam or summative, that is stressing me out. Also, the art activity relaxes me as it is something I know well, unlike something on the exam, or if I'm stumped on something regarding my summative. So, I found that using the art activity was a good way to take a break and calm myself. However, the problem with the art activity is that once I do the art activity the stress could come back, so I have to continuously do the art activity, which could create more stress. Next, why I chose to use a planner to relieve stress is that I am a person who likes things to be organized and by using a planner I knew exactly what to be doing at any given time. Also, the planner helped me establish what I should prioritize whether it's a summative or just studying. Also, the planner helped me manage my time and relieve stress. Finally, after applying these techniques I noticed my stress level dropped significantly. Also, after using these techniques my anxiety was gone and the feeling of pressure lessoned. So that is how I dealt with my stress leading up to exam's.
It is important to use stress management during my daily life to not feel overwhelmed by what you are doing in your life, and that can happen a lot. Also, you need stress management so you are not always stressed out. In addition, using stress management can make your performance better in school because after using these techniques I noticed that I felt more confident going into my exams. Also, I noticed that I was getting more sleep and better sleep quality when I wasn't stressed and this can certainly affect your grade in a course. Next, after completing my first semester of high school I do prepared for next semester. I feel this way because in this semester I have found strategies that have worked well for me for both studying and stress management. In addition, I feel that I have adapted well to high school and the challenges that come with it, and a good reflection of this is that I have not been late all year. Also, my grades are pretty high (before exams) with them being in the 80's and 90's and I am confident I can keep these up if I continue to apply myself. Finally, I will continue to use my planner into next semester because it has really helped me manage my time this semester, and it has been a life saver on more than one occasion, as it doubles as my agenda.
It important to write notes instead of just taking a picture because when people write something the odds of them remembering what they wrote is 70% and that increases if they say it too. Where people only remember 30% of what they see, and 10% of what they read. Also, in relation to the stats above, writing something can solidify the information in the brain, because of muscle memory. Where taking a picture doesn't as you are only seeing the information. Next it is important to review your notes on a regular basis because, all the material relates. For example, in math the first unit may be graphing, and the second may be algebra, and these relate in more than one way like how you need algebra to find the expression of the line on a graph. This is also an example of being able to create connections in your work. Also by reviewing notes often you reduce stress before exams. This is because you already know the material, and just need reminders. This also makes cramming unnecessary as you don't have the pressure of trying to remember everything in one night. That is why it is important to review your notes on a regular basis.
Note-Taking Reflection #1
Personal Well-Being Reflection #2
Note-Taking Reflection #2
In total I would say I take around two notes a day, one in GLS and the other in English. In addition, I would say this is a little less than what I would say is average, which I believe is three. Also, I would say that notes for English are short and to the point where, my GLS notes tend to be longer. Next, taking notes relates to time management in that when you have effective notes your not scrambling for information, as you already have the information you need. Also, if you have notes that are to the point and cover main ideas studying becomes easier because you don't ave to review all the useless information you copied done, and instead just review the main ideas of your notes. Finally, when you have effective notes your not missing any pieces of information, and you don't have to go through all your useless notes to find one point. That is how note-taking relates to time management.
The goal clearly details that I wish to get at least an 85% on my English exam on January 27.
The measure is if I get at least an 85% on my exam on January 27.
I will need to study hard and make sure I am prepared for the exam. Also I can't get ahead of myself on the exam or spend to much time on one question.
Yes, this goal is realistic. I am currently getting in the high 80's/ low 90's range. So there is no reason for me not to do well on the exam if I am prepared.
I have until Monday, January 27 to prepare for the examThen on the 27 I write the exam in the morning at 8:45a.m.
Details that I wish to achieve an 85% average in the grade 9 English course. Also, details when the course ends or the deadline for me to perform in this course.
The measure is, if I have least an 85% average in English, when final reports go out on February 6, 2014.
For me to achieve this I need to achieve around an 82% on the exam at least. Also, I have to make sure I am prepared for the exam because it is crucial in order for me to do well on it, if I want an 85% average.
Again this is realistic. I currently have an average of around 89%. So I feel this is a very realistic goal.
This goal depends on how I perform on the exam on January 27. Also, I will know if I have achieved this goal when reports are issued February 6.
How This Reflects My MI/VAK
- Since I am a auditory learner quizzing myself out loud is a good strategy because it allows me too speak out loud to myself, which is a characteristic of my VAK.
- Me being intrapersonal, quizzing myself out loud is a good idea because I am able to do it alone and figure out what I struggle with.
How This Reflects My MI/VAK
- Me being intrapersonal, I can make connections to my own experiences easily. Also, I find this a great way to remember things.
How This Reflects My MI/VAK
- Me being a visual learner. I don't have trouble with the written language, so writing down content is a good strategy for me.
- Me being intrapersonal this is something I can do independently, which applies to my MI.
By Jordan Nemec
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