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No description

Pablo Boluda Hernández

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of GREASE

YEAR BOOK Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey The music
in charge of It's considered one of the best
musical films of the 80s The movie has been a total success for generations A sequel, Grease 2,
was released in 1982 The movie was Directed by

John Randal Kleiser The film was based on the musical Grease of 1971 Hi!, I'll show you
the main characters! CAST Pink ladies T-Birds John Travolta
(Danny Zuko) Olivia Newton-John
(Sandy) Stockard Channing
(Rizzo) Didi Conn
(Frenchy) Dinah Manoff
(Marty) Jamie Donnelly
(Jan) Kelly Ward
(Putzie) Michael Tucci
(Sonny) Barry Pearl
(Doody) Jeff Conaway

as Danny's ... They tell their friends about their summer ... They finally realize that they are in same
High School To cheer Sandy up, the girls celebrate
a party at Frenchy's house Two lovers Sandy & Danny fall in love over the summer of 1958 Sandy stays in the USA and goes to the same High School The T-Birds had repaired the car for the big race Sandy changes her look! Danny apologises to Sandy, and they start dating! The big dance contest! PLOT He asks her to be his partner
in the dance! Danny and Sandy go together! A true love story The End They win the race! Pablo Boluda Hernández 2ºBACH C Its soundtrack album ended as the second-best selling album of 1978 in the USA The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, CA In my opinion Grease is a fantastic movie! It's all about good music,fun, friendship and love
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